Last boyfriend Jacqueline Luna: the alleged reaction of Heather Parisi

The alleged reaction of Heather Parisi to the love story between her daughter Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo and Ultimo

Heather Parisi, daughter Jacqueline is splendid: the resemblance is striking

Roberto Alessi reveals the alleged reaction of Heather Parisi after discovering the love between her daughter Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo and Ultimo. The very young actress and the Roman singer in fact came out, revealing on Instagram that they are in love.

At the Niccolò Moriconi registry office, Ultimo won the heart of Jacqueline Luna, second child of Parisi, the result of her love for Giovanni Di Giacomo, a well-known orthopedist to whom she was linked in the past. Always very reserved and far from the spotlight, Heather's daughter has not given interviews on the affair, but in the photos posted on Instagram she seems very happy and serene.

Parisi now lives in Hong Kong with her husband Umberto Maria Anzolin with whom she had twins Elizabeth and Dylan. In the past, the showgirl has experienced two other important loves that have given him two daughters. From her ex-husband Giorgio Manenti she had her first child Rebecca Jewel, while Jacqueline Luna was born from the bond with Giovanni Di Giacomo.

“The mother did not express herself, it seems, about their love – explained Alessi, speaking of the love story between Ultimo and Jacqueline -. He is a beloved singer-songwriter, two San Remos ago he sang your details, and even if his name is Last he is among the first to be broadcast everywhere. They love each other madly, and she, more than usually laconic, posts photos and dedications on her Instagram: when a love is great it is announced ".

Blond and beautiful like her mother, Jacqueline Luna divides her time between Italy and the United States where she studies acting. The meeting with Ultimo would have taken place thanks to mutual friends and since then the two have never left. The Roman singer has just returned from farewell to Federica Lelli to whom he had dedicated several songs in the past. "I lost love because of my commitments – he confessed long ago, talking about his love life -, success certainly gives you a lot on stage, but it takes too much away from you in life. […] The way I am, when I immerse myself in great results I tend to no longer recognize what are the important things in private life, apart from the friendship that will always keep me on my feet ".

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