Last, that love for Jacqueline Luna that changed his life

Last, that love for Jacqueline Luna that changed his life

The Roman singer-songwriter Ultimo found love next to Jacqueline Luna, a strong feeling that made him a different person

After breaking up with his historic girlfriend, Ultimo turned the page and found love again. She is the splendid Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, daughter of the showgirl Heather Parisi, next to whom the Roman singer-songwriter is finally happy and smiling. The strong feeling that overwhelmed him is also what changed his life. And it is he who reveals it himself, between the lines of one of his sweetest declarations of love.

"Your purity has made me a better person and makes me feel good shout it out to everyone" – revealed Niccolò Moriconi, aka Ultimo, captioning a beautiful photo that portrays him with Jacqueline, shared on Instagram. He himself, who has always been very reserved about what is his most intimate sphere, now cannot hold back the joy that has filled his heart, and wants to shout it to the whole world.

The young artist lived a long relationship with Federica Lelli, a splendid model and influencer. After a first break, which had profoundly marked him (and which perhaps had inspired him in composing the beautiful song Your details), the two had decided to try again. But their story no longer worked, something had now irremediably broken. Now, with Jacqueline Luna everything seems to be different.

Last decided to formalize their love just a few weeks ago: their relationship is still very young, yet it has already marked it deeply. "I can not help but thank every road I walked, because it led me to you" – he wrote on Instagram – "I do not believe in sloppy phrases, but I believe in the power of a feeling". That feeling, on the other hand, changed him in a very short time.

He and Jacqueline are experiencing fairytale moments, in love and happy side by side. Lastly, the love of Heather Parisi's beautiful daughter was a bolt from the blue. And it is precisely to his young girlfriend that, while they are enjoying the warm sun on a romantic getaway in Mexico, he has dedicated very sweet and powerful words. Words that symbolize the profound transformation she has brought into her life.

"I hope I never know you enough and always leave a space open to what you can become, because one of the things I love about you is knowing that you always leave yourself the possibility to change, and I hope I can always change together with you. By your side, without making a sound. You're reminding me that Niccolò can be as big as Ultimo, if not more ”- admitted the singer.

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