Last, the dedication to Heather Parisi's daughter melts the heart

Ultimo e Jacqueline

Last's girlfriend Jacqueline is back in the United States: for her, a sweet dedication from her boyfriend

The dedication of Ultimo – stage name of Niccolò Moriconi – to the daughter of Heather Parisi, Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, is an interlude of sweetness that we cannot fail to share. Jacqueline returned to the USA – the land where she decided to move to study – and Ultimo wanted to greet her in a very special way, sharing a nice post on Instagram, where she also included some small previews about her next album, which could not end without his girlfriend.

Jacqueline's flight to the States was tinged with pink and romanticism with her boyfriend's comment: “This morning you went back to America and you left an incredible mess at my house because of your / our disorder. And so now every corner of the house has your voice “. All couples who live far away will find themselves in the words of Niccolò Moriconi, who was able to describe, with his artistic vein, the last farewell before the next meeting.

"You saved me from loneliness and material / useless things in life and I will always be grateful to you." Through the words of the singer-songwriter, who in this case showed himself in a more intimate and personal capacity, we can well understand the importance of Jacqueline in her existence: it was an anchor, a pleasant discovery. Even more, however, Heather Parisi's daughter has become the muse of Ultimo: because love moves the world, and we know it well, and it is an indispensable balm for those who live on creativity.

Ultimo also took the opportunity to share the contents of his next album, highly anticipated by fans. "My album could not have ended without you and, although it will tell about this absurd period and the loneliness it brought me, there will also be the hope and life that only someone like you could give me". In March 2021, confirmation of their relationship had arrived, after months of chatter. And it was the very Last who made the love story official on social media, posting photos that portrayed him with Jacqueline.

In addition to the dedication, Ultimo reported a special verse for his girlfriend: “Of course I believe in events, looking back and then finding it forward, that thread that unites us can be called love, but you will be against it because you don't want a name. And of course I know how much it weighs inside, you see abandonment as your home and I would like to knock on you to surprise you, take you in my papers like a poet does ". Young, beautiful and in love: just a nice gesture.

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