Laughter Yoga: what it is, benefits and exercises

What are the benefits of laughter yoga and the main exercises of this discipline that acts on the body and mood simultaneously


  • What’s it about
  • Benefits
    • Greater psychophysical balance
    • Sense of general satisfaction
    • Benefits to the heart
    • Less fear
    • Less control anxiety
    • Strong body and light mind
    • Improve your posture
  • 2 laughter yoga exercises
    • Rising shy laugh
    • I inhale-hold-laugh

What’s it about

Laughter yoga has its origins in 1995 in India, from an intuition of Dr. Madan Kataria and spread rapidly throughout the world. Those who have completed the training are referred to as “ambassadors of laughter” and pass on the teachings of Dr. Kataria.

These are the words of the doctor: “Inspired by many articles on the benefits of laughing, I founded the Laughter Club Movement in March 1995 with only 5 people, in a park, in Mumbai (city in southern India). In the first few days, we used jokes and humorous jokes, but within a few days they ran out. So, I had to quickly search, in just one night, for a revolutionary system that was free from comedy. I finally found the answer I was looking for: it is a scientific fact that the body cannot distinguish between natural and self-induced laughter: the same chemistry of happiness is produced. The next morning I explained this to the group and asked the participants to simulate laughter for a minute. A little skeptical, they agreed and the results were exceptional. For some, laughter soon became spontaneous, due to the emotional contagion. We laughed like never before, for ten minutes. ” In this way the birth of Laughter Yoga is described, starting from the deepening between natural and self-induced laughter.


Laughter yoga has numerous benefits for both the body and the mind, among which we list:

Greater psychophysical balance

Laughing stimulates the abdominal muscles, makes the diaphragm work well, promoting the production of feel-good hormones such as serotonin, along with endorphins. The result is a greater sense of psychophysical well-being and a tangible and concrete balance.

Sense of general satisfaction

To use the words of Dr. Jane Yip, Australian psychologist and researcher, we can say that Laughter Yoga: “is the beginning of a social project that will lead to peace, with a potential to unite the world that does not take into account the race, sex, social class or political affiliation or religious belief, as we all laugh in the same way ». In this sense Laughter Yoga leads to a sense of general satisfaction that also benefits the people around.

Benefits to the heart

Dr Karen Matthews, a psychologist at the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA), has studied how Laughter Yoga affects the progression of atherosclerosis; it benefits the pulmonary exchanges that occur through breathing and decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood. Laughing is also good for blood pressure.

Less fear

Laughter Yoga manages to give lightness, humor and find courage, strength. If fear decreases, we can enjoy life in a different way and we avoid making dystopian scenarios and emotional problems of various kinds. We manage to enjoy the acquaintances and we place ourselves in the authentic and true way. If we live with less fear, we also reduce anxiety and panic. Emotion is created and movement is created, lives better and more abundance is created.

Less control anxiety

The anxiety of wanting to control situations makes us vulnerable, weak and prevents us from living fully the beautiful situations of life. Often it coincides with a lack of confidence in life and triggers other related feelings that deplete energy as in the case of the sense of guilt.

Strong body and light mind

When the mind does not create heavy prospects, the body also gains strength. The mind becomes light and physical strength develops and increases automatically. Laughter yoga allows you to strengthen the immune system, fortifying it.

Improve your posture

It works just like this: if we feel better in our body and in our essence, we can reach immense goals and first of all that of presenting ourselves to others with an erect, strong, ready body. In fact, posture reflects our internal state and if we improve in the sense of self-esteem and confidence in ourselves, it also automatically improves the way we carry ourselves into the world. Shoulder blades in place, firm step, toned posterior muscle chain, strength felt throughout the back, secure and balanced foot support and greater strength in the lower limbs, free pelvis, ready body. The physiological waves of the column balanced and the hands ready to take on the world with the right force. Posture is our business card and therefore by keeping it aligned we find ourselves in the fullest of our strength and we are able to show it to others.

2 laughter yoga exercises

Let’s see 2 classic exercises of laughter yoga, which work on psychophysical balance:

Rising shy laugh

As a first exercise I recommend a shy, delicate, intimate chuckle, which slowly increases It starts with a shy and even forced chuckle and then goes to work the diaphragm in a powerful way and increase in intensity until you laugh with your mouth open, making you work the diaphragm well and coming into deep contact with the sound of one’s laughter. It is an important point of contact with one’s hilarious and light essence.

I inhale-hold-laugh

An exercise that guarantees oxygenation along with fun. The air is held after inhaling, a beautiful smile is shown and while the lungs are emptied on exhalation and the smile is accentuated. It is an exercise that dramatically increases our lung capacity and leads us towards powerful self-induced laughter.

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