Laura Barriales pregnant for the second time: photos on Instagram

Laura Barriales

The showgirl announced her second pregnancy on Instagram with two photos showing her baby bump

The VIP pancioni of 2021

Laura Barriales is pregnant with her second child and to announce her joy to the world she decided to publish a series of shots on Instagram.

The showgirl wanted to share with the fans her emotion in becoming a mother for the second time: “A little over two years ago I shared with you the most important day of my life… the birth of Melania! Today the world has changed, but the joy of living and giving life must continue… and I'm super happy to share my second pregnancy with you… and this time the boy is coming ”, she wrote as a caption.

Blue ribbon in the family this time, after the arrival of Melania, born two years ago. Even in that circumstance Laura had used social media to give the happy announcement and to allow her followers to follow the pregnancy and its satisfactions step by step.

"Family has always been the cornerstone of my life – he wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of his first baby bump -. I can finally fulfill my dream of becoming a mother. An immense joy! "

For the former face of I Fatti Vostri and her husband Flavio Cattaneo, an entrepreneur, this is a new beautiful moment to live together. The couple secretly married in July 2017 and welcomed their eldest daughter Melania in October 2018.

"Por fin te tengo conmigo hija mía!" ("Finally I have you with me, my daughter") wrote the Spanish model on that occasion, adding the hashtag #ilsensodellavita and a red heart.

An emotion, that of becoming a mother, so strong that it is not able to contain it and pushes the model to shout it out to the whole world, which is possible thanks to the immediacy of social media. Laura Barriales has always wanted to establish a direct relationship with her fans, making them participate in all the most beautiful moments of her life and even in the small daily moments.

At the moment the showgirl has not specified at what point she is in the pregnancy and therefore it is not known when the baby boy she carries in her womb will be born. In the shots he published on Instagram, however, the baby bump is already starting to show itself, so it can be assumed that it has passed the fourth or fifth month. No information regarding the name of the unborn child, on which for now the mystery is in force (perhaps because it has not yet been officially chosen). For sure, however, the showgirl will also share this detail when she is ready.

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