Laura Chiatti lost weight, on Instagram she explains why

Laura Chiatti lost weight, on Instagram she explains why

Laura Chiatti has lost weight: on Instagram the actress reveals why she followed a diet

Laura Chiatti: actress, mother, wife and her looks

On Instagram, Laura Chiatti confesses that she has lost weight and reveals the reason for her weight loss. The actress and wife of Marco Bocci is very active on social media where she tells her family life without filters. Laura is Enea's mother, born in 2015, and Pablo, who arrived only a year later.

Her days are demanding and the followers carefully follow every change in the existence of the actress. Many noticed Laura's weight loss and she, with her usual sincerity, wanted to reveal what happened. Marco Bocci's wife has in fact lost several kilos, but not because she didn't like herself before. Because of some allergies that she discovered months ago, in fact, she was forced to follow a very special diet, created for her by a specialist.

Chiatti has therefore posted a shot on Instagram showing her new line. “Good morning everyone – he wrote -, many girls asked me if I lost weight during the quarantine. Actually having many food allergies, since February I changed my diet and I was followed by a very good nutritionist, who honestly really saved me. For those like me who have this type of problem – concluded the actress -, I recommend not to do self-managed diets but to rely on serious professionals ".

Many commented on Laura Chiatti's post, among her many followers also her husband Marco Bocci, who wrote: "Bella che sei!". Words to which the actress replied with great irony: "Love we already have an ongoing pandemic, do not make other compliments please – he joked – otherwise another catastrophe arrives".

Laura Chiatti and Marco Bocci have been married since 2014 and live in Perugia with their two children: Enea and Pablo. As famous as they are reserved, they have always lived their love away from the spotlight. Mysterious him, more practical she: the actors compensate each other and form a solid couple, never affected by gossip or criticism. "The meeting with Laura was wonderful and instinctive, we met – he had told Verissimo some time ago -. We have no special help, with the children we are, we take them everywhere, and we take turns with work to never have to leave them. She is a spectacular mother, I represent physicality, the one with which you fight. "

Laura Chiatti – Source: Instagram

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