Laura Pausini, nostalgia moment: the photo of the baby bump on Instagram

Laura Pausini, nostalgia moment: the photo of the baby bump on Instagram

Laura Pausini relives one of the most important moments in history with her partner Paolo Carta: the pregnancy while waiting for her daughter Paola

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Moment nostalgia for Laura Pausini. The Emilian singer wanted to remember and share with her beloved fans the anxious emotions she was feeling exactly eight years ago, a few days before the birth of Laura, the beloved daughter of her longtime partner Paolo Carta.
Laura shared a photo on Instagram that contains all the love she feels for the little girl and which portrays her in front of the mirror, intent on taking a selfie with a very evident baby bump. The whole was accompanied by a melancholy and very affectionate dedication which reads the following words: «2013. It was the night of February 6th dear Paola … I knew that after a few days I would finally meet you … and I took this photo for you, for when you would grow up, to show you that I will never forget this moment … look how great you were already in my belly, my little one. "

Words saturated with feeling and love, the indelible love of a mother who will never abandon her daughter. The caption, then, has been translated into other languages ​​(Spanish, English, Portuguese and French) to ensure that all the worldwide fans of the Vivimi singer are able to understand and appreciate the text of the post.
The most ardent admirers of the singer were naturally not long in coming, commenting on the photo with messages full of affection. Some of them, among other things, are famous faces of the entertainment world, such as Alessia Marcuzzi or Chiara Galiazzo: the host of Le Iene and the singer of Extraordinary have respectively commented with emojis from the eyes to the heart, and real hearts reds.

The arrival of their daughter Paola was a long-awaited moment for the couple, whose happiness is contained in the song Celeste, published a few months before the baby was born. In fact, it contains an intimate reflection on the feeling of motherhood, experienced as a pure desire for love and in which the singer enjoys imagining what her first child would have been like.
Laura Pausini has been engaged to Paolo Carta since 2005, her artistic producer and guitarist. The two, therefore, also share a passion for music, which has certainly contributed to making them meet and fall madly in love.

Laura Pausini, dedicates it to her daughter Laura

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