Laura Pausini returns with "Io Sì", the soundtrack of the new film with Sophia Loren

Laura Pausini returns with "Io Sì", the soundtrack of the new film with Sophia Loren

The singer returns with a new song from "Io Sì", the soundtrack of the film that marks the return to the scenes of Sophia Loren

Io Sì (Seen) is the title of the song by Laura Pausini and the original song of The Life Ahead – Life in front of itself, the new film directed by Edoardo Ponti that marks the return of Sophia Loren, the director's mother, after 10 years absence from the scenes.

"I know that the song will be proposed by the producers of the film for the 2021 Oscars", said the singer, who added: "I don't want to create too many expectations about this possibility, but I don't deny having celebrated, as I usually do in these cases. , eating a hamburger. It is my superstitious ritual: if the song is nominated then I will have to stay on a strict diet for a month for the red carpet, so I celebrate first! ".

The film will be in theaters on November 3, 4 and 5 and will then air on Netflix from November 13. Io Sì is Laura Pausini's first collaboration with Diane Warren, producer of the likes of Celine Dion, Cher and Beyoncé.

A proposal that arrived unexpectedly, as the singer said: “The song was born this summer, when Diane Warren called me and told me about this song born in English for Edoardo Ponti's film. After seeing it I immediately decided to do it: I already liked the song, but above all the message of the film convinced me in which I completely recognize myself ”.

The film tells the story of the encounter between Rosa, a woman who survived the Holocaust and committed to social work, and Momo, a Senegalese boy who lives on thefts and petty tricks in the suburban streets of an Italian city. "It is a great thrill to see Sophia on stage and to be able to appreciate her generosity in interpreting an intense, Italian story with such a socially important and unfortunately still very current meaning," said Pausini.

Laura met Sophia Loren in 2003, but they have seen each other several times over the years, on various social occasions around the world. Their relationship has grown over the years, confirming a sincere feeling that still binds them today.

The singer said he confessed her difficulties in becoming a mother, discovering a protective and maternal woman. Loren listened and appreciated the song of the film, as Laura Pausini explained well: "The song is a sort of dialogue and if you listen well my voice is a bit as if the character played by Sophia Loren spoke at that moment. ".

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