Laura Pausini: the report card of her looks

Laura Pausini: the report card of her looks

Let's look at some of Laura Pausini's looks together: is she always able to enhance herself at best?

Our national Laura is experiencing a golden moment from the point of view of her career: fresh from an Oscar nomination for "I do" as best original song for the film "Life in front of herself" by Edoardo Ponti with Sophia Loren , also appeared radiant on the Ariston stage on the occasion of the Sanremo festival. But is Laura always able to enhance herself with her clothing? Let's see it together by commenting on some of its looks!

Laura Pausini: in Sanremo 2021

On the Ariston stage, Laura wore a Giorgio Armani dress, black and illuminated by a lamé cape. So: Laura had such an excited smile and was so radiant that she would have looked beautiful even with a jute sack. Having said that, on this occasion, in my opinion, more could be done: the whole was rather heavy. The gloves, the high collar, the long cloak … it was all a bit too much. I would have lightened by taking off the gloves, or by shortening the cloak. Grade 7.

Laura Pausini Sanremo

Laura Pausini: with the lamé dress

The silver lamé dress is delightful on Laura's complexion, but the combination of rouches + cuissardes + curl on the side suffocates her a bit. I would have opted for something a little more low-cut, in order to also enhance the décolleté, and tried it with a pair of high shoes, avoiding boots. Grade 7.

Laura Pausini lamé dress

Laura Pausini: in a white jacket

The black / white mix gives Laura a lot and the jacket with the dropped shoulder carried soft and a little over is perfectly suited to her body. What is not working? Primarily the nude colored stockings. As you can see, they show and age the look a lot. More. the shoe fastened at the ankle with such a high strap breaks the figure and shortens it. A black sheer sock would have been enough (or better still to remain without socks) and a shoe with low lacing on the instep to be perfect. Sin! Rating 6.

Laura Pausini white jacket

Laura Pausini: with the black velvet jacket

Here I like Laura very much! Black is a color that enhances it and the softness of the double-breasted velvet jacket is perfect on cigarette trousers. The sandal with the strap and the bare foot are ideal, because they give air to the figure, making it harmonious and light, despite the dark color. Rated 8 and a half.

Laura Pausini tuxedo jacket

Laura Pausini: with the black one-shoulder dress

Mmmm, this look is very refined but it doesn't quite convince me. The idea of ​​the one-shoulder is beautiful, because it lightens the figure, which otherwise would have been too heavy with a long-sleeved velvet dress. The high neckline, however, closes the neck and, in my opinion, darkens the figure a little. Vote 8.

Laura Pausini one shoulder dress

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