Laura Pausini turns 45: 11 curiosities you don't know about her

Laura Pausini turns 45: 11 curiosities you don't know about her

The Romagna singer certainly does not show her age, thanks to that girl-like air next door and her daughter Paola

Laura Pausini turns 45 (she was born on 16 May 1974 in Faenza), but as she said: "Thanks to my daughter the time that passes does not scare me". And in fact Laura is very happy with her years, it will be water and soap for that girlish air that makes her adorable and made her loved by everyone.

Surely she is a satisfied woman: she is one of the most successful Italian singers in the world, also this year she participated in the Grammy Awards, she has a solid love story that has lasted for over a decade with Paolo Carta and a 6 year old daughter , Paola, who loves.

Pausini is an overwhelming volcano, here are 11 things you may not know about her yet:

  • Since childhood Laura loves music. He begins to sing in the church choir but his first performance dates back to when he sang Dolce Remì at an 8-year-old restaurant in Bologna. At 13 he recorded his first demo. Then take part in a series of competitions. In 1993 she won in Sanremo in the News section with the song La solitudine and since then nobody has stopped her. His career is studded with successes and millions of records sold worldwide.
  • Like all artists, Pausini also has her little bad luck: her unfortunate number is 9. In those days Laura did not want to do great things.
  • In these 20 years of career Laura has refined her look: from a young girl for good in the province of Romagna in that Sanremo 1993 she became a sophisticated and also glamorous woman. The singer loves to wear black, but among her favorite colors there are also emerald green, turquoise and white.
  • Like all Mediterranean women, Laura has the curves in the right place. She hates dieting, in fact she just can't. However, Pausini has never been obsessed with the line to the point of declaring: «Chili or non chili, I liked myself and above all liked the boys. For more than six years my weight has been hovering around 70 kilos up to 73, but this has never stopped me from selling millions of records and being in great demand everywhere »
  • Laura loves dogs and thinks that in order to conquer a woman one must be given one. Today, however, he is in great shape, in view of the tour with Biagio Antonacci which will start on June 26, 2019.
  • The pop star has a younger sister, Silvia, who works in a Ravenna boutique. Laura and Silvia have only two years of difference and are very close.
  • Pausini just can't stand topless women on the beach and the expression she uses most when she's angry is "slutty cow".
  • It's love? Since 2005 she is linked to Paolo Carta who is also his guitarist, as well as being the father of his daughter Paola. The passion between the two blossoms in Paris, during an evening after a concert. He is divorced from his first wife, Rebecca, with whom he had three children, she has two important stories behind her. Today they are a concrete couple, but for them no marriage. Laura said: "I am not getting married if even my best friend who is a lesbian cannot do it."
  • On February 8, 2013, Pausini becomes Paola's mother with a caesarean section. The girl's name is so because the name is made up of the first letters of Paolo and Laura. Only after turning two, did the singer reveal her daughter's face on the Internet. On Facebook, the popstar has over 6 million followers. The singer loves her daughter and loves to dress like her according to the fashion called "Mini me". In her life there is another very important Paola: we are talking about Paola Cortellesi, dear friend of Pausini. Which in turn has a daughter named Laura.
  • Laura is an AC Milan fan.
  • His favorite films are Forrest Gump, Indecent proposal and Amarsi.
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