Laura Torrisi back in the hospital. The post on Instagram: "I thought I had closed"

Laura Torrisi

Laura Torrisi is back in the hospital again after the surgery she underwent three months ago. He announced it on Instagram with a post

Laura Torrisi, the 40 years of his still beautiful wife

“Three months ago I thought I had closed a cycle and instead here I am. Again". With these words Laura Torrisi shared the news of the new hospitalization on Instagram. The beautiful actress is still struggling with endometriosis, a female disease that she has been suffering from for some time and towards which she is committed to raising public awareness.

Yes, because endometriosis is one of those evils that are present but often faced in silence, which is always talked about too little. Torrisi had already spent a not-so-peaceful Christmas, and it was she herself who shared a long post on Instagram explaining the reasons for her first hospitalization. The former partner of Leonardo Pieraccioni has been fighting both endometriosis and leiomyoma of the uterus for some time and had to undergo surgery in December.

After three months everything seemed to be over and the actress strongly hoped not to suffer anymore. But this was not the case and now she has been admitted to the clinic again for all the necessary checks, waiting to find out if she will have to operate again. The words of the beautiful Laura are full of regret and, despite her usual self-irony, they cannot hide that natural pinch of sadness and concern, which any woman would feel in her heart in the same situation.

“Today as cheerful as Heidi in Frankfurt. I removed the nail polish, I tied the hair, the anti-thrombus stockings (in every sense) are there, I would say I can go ", the actress ironically. “Life is like this: you fall 7 and get up 8… Ok. But if in the meantime there was a little more recovery, I wouldn't mind !! Time to add a few more notches to the scar collection and I'll be back! And then, only smiles! ", Signed L.

After the New Year in the hospital, Laura had dedicated words full of hope to her followers, so that the new year could be a time of rebirth and restart. Unfortunately, life is not predictable and now, splendid and strong as ever, she is preparing for another chapter of her very personal battle. For her part, she can count on the affection of many people, not only fans but also friends who have known her for years and never miss an opportunity to show her their closeness.

Among the comments on the post stands out that of Sandra Milo, fresh winner of the David di Donatello for Lifetime Achievement, who has a sincere friendship with the beautiful Laura: "Laura my beloved, come on, this last test to be faced again and then it will new life! I'm with you! I love you. A virtual hug waiting to be able to do it really safely when possible ".

Laura Torrisi post

Laura Torrisi, the post on Instagram announcing the new hospitalization

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