Laura Torrisi: "I am happily single". Leonardo Pieraccioni's ex-wife tells her story

Laura Torrisi: "I am happily single". Leonardo Pieraccioni's ex-wife tells her story

Guest in connection with Francesca Fialdini, Laura Torrisi told herself by joking a lot about her private life

Laura Torrisi, guest in connection with the last episode of the season of Da noi … freewheeling, told herself by joking a lot about her private life. Francesca Fialdini, with her usual grace, interviewed the ex-wife of Leonardo Pieraccioni, who declared live that he had no partner.

"I am happily single" she admitted smiling to the presenter, to whom she then told of her solo trip to Bali, to celebrate 40 years: "I have been dreaming of this trip for more than seven years, but obviously with the little girl I had to wait a little to be able to do it. I dreamed of doing it alone, because I find that traveling alone helps a lot to grow, to have a new personal awareness, it gives you different eyes, both towards yourself and towards others ".

Then Torrisi did not hide that she was afraid to face the journey alone: ​​“A little fear always accompanies you, in all the things you do – she confessed – so it is clear that there was: I was away from home , I certainly don't want to be a Wonder Woman! But I must say that that land has fantastic energy and people are wonderful, they help you never feel alone. "

Fialdini then returned to the topic of love life, saying to her: "We had made up our mind to find you Prince Charming, provided that Prince Charming served something". The actress' reply is ready, she jokingly replied: "I believe more in horses than in Prince Charming, you know?".

Laura, teased by the host, then confessed that she loves sports such as boxing, karate, also revealing that she is a football referee: "I am a missed male, but you know!" He added. Then another personal question for Torrisi, this time on jealousy: “The nature is that of the Sicilian vein, if there is a reason, over the years I have learned to tame: maybe then I become sharp, and I turn my heels around and I I'm leaving, a little Tuscan style, "he confessed.

Also on this occasion, the actress showed her truest, sincere and fun side: it is no coincidence that Torrisi is loved by both men and women, both for its beauty and for its authenticity and determination.

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