Laura Torrisi on vacation alone: ​​air of crisis with Pieraccioni?

Laura Torrisi on vacation alone: ​​air of crisis with Pieraccioni?

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Laura Torrisi is not only a woman and a busy mother (in fact she was the godmother in the campaign for life-saving maneuvers), but she also knows how to play with her beauty. And lately she often does it on her Instagram profile, publishing numerous selfies of her holiday … but always alone. He also publishes rather cryptic and heartfelt phrases that could actually make one think of a moment of crisis in his life, towards his loved one.

For example "The smile will never be lost, no matter what happens to you .. Something you will invent, you don't see it but it is your way .." Emma … Or "Change but start slowly. Because direction is more important than speed …" or a few days ago Laura wrote: "Understanding is very difficult. Making yourself understood is boundless ambition … My madness is my salvation. I smile, dream and I do not give up, because to be normal I have given up for some time." On the web there is already rumors of a crisis between the two, also because dad Leonardo speaks on the Twitter profile of "preparing dinner" for little Martina, his daughter and Laura's daughter, who is presumed, therefore, to be with him …

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