Laura Torrisi, the pain for her missing grandmother: “The last root goes away”

Laura Torrisi, the pain for her missing grandmother: "The last root goes away"

The actress wrote a long post on Instagram in memory of her beloved grandmother, venting on the condition of those who find themselves dying alone, due to the particular historical moment.

Laura Torrisi says goodbye to her beloved grandmother, entrusting her immense pain to a long post on Instagram. Just a month ago, the actress posted on social media the image of a tender hug that she had reserved for the elderly woman, arriving in Sicily for a flash trip, on the occasion of the presentation of her book PS Always write to me (written jointly with Sara Gazzini). A quick return trip from Florence, in which he had not failed to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother. For the occasion, the actress stressed the importance of having grandparents still alive, at the same time underlining the responsibility of being grandchildren: “If you are lucky enough to have grandparents, if you are lucky enough to reach them easily, go to them. , embrace them and make them feel all your love ”.

The pain of Laura Torrisi: “Nobody deserves to die alone”

That flash trip of the actress to Sicily, the land that saw her born and grow up, was the last chance to see her grandmother again in life, and the remorse for not having enjoyed her presence enough is intertwined with suffering. “My last root is gone. If I had known that a month ago would have been the last time I would have seen you, I would have held you tighter ”.

To exacerbate the pain of Laura Torrisi, the thought of knowing her grandmother alone in the last moments of life, due to the regulations in force that prevent proximity to loved ones hospitalized in hospitals or similar structures, even in the difficult moment of farewell. “More than from the agony, it hurt me to know you were alone in the moment of death. I firmly believe that until the last moment our loved ones can hear us. And I find it really unfair that due to Covid provisions (it did not have Covid) close family members, such as children for example, cannot stay close to their loved ones to accompany them on their last trip. Nobody deserves to die alone. Nobody”.

Finally the sweet greeting: “I love you grandmother. You have been a present and loving grandmother and great grandmother, even in the distance. I’ll never forget it. Run to hug your grandfather. (Me too)”.

Sandra Milo’s message for Laura

Many messages of condolence as well as “virtual” hugs from friends and acquaintances, but also simple strangers, close in affection for Torrisi, at the mercy of such a painful moment. Among the many who joined her suffering, also Sandra Milo. The actress’s message hopes to partially alleviate the bitter anger of Pieraccioni’s ex-partner. “I know that certain rules seem inhuman and hard to accept, but I am sure that the fact of having thought about it intensely has also come to her from a distance, that your love has broken down physical distances, that she has felt that in some way you were equally with she and that she is now serene and free from all suffering, that she watches over you. A big big hug “.

The delicate condition highlighted by Torrisi is experienced by many in this particular historical moment, and is the source of an even more incurable pain.

Laura Torrisi

Laura Torrisi and the long post on Instagram in memory of her beloved grandmother

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