Laurel: all the beneficial properties and how to grow it

Laurel: all the beneficial properties and how to grow it

Laurel is generally consumed as an aroma to flavor culinary preparations, but it also boasts numerous beneficial properties that are worth knowing.

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Using bay leaf in the kitchen without knowing its beneficial properties is a real shame. In addition to flavoring this aromatic plant, it boasts numerous virtues, here are which ones and how to grow it.

Against colic, to digest and anti flu
Laurel is an ally for the well-being of the whole digestive system: it stimulates appetite, promotes good digestion, calms colic, relieves stomach and intestine disorders, in particular it is effective in case of abdominal bloating. Helping to increase sweating, it proves useful in case of fever and flu, however it also boasts expectorant properties for which it is a useful remedy if you have phlegm and oily cough. But laurel is also also performs an anti-inflammatory function, very useful in the presence of various types of inflammation. Do not overlook the fact that it is a natural repellent for insects.

How to grow laurel
Discovered the virtues of this plants, did you feel like having it always available? You can grow it in a pot or in a vegetable garden, a recommended solution given the size that this shrub can reach. If you have laurel seeds, remember that before growing them you must remove the external coating. To do this, just boil them and then leave them to soak in cold water until the coating becomes easy to remove. Alternatively, you can plant a newly sprouted bud on the shrub. Keep in mind that bay laurel prefers draining soils, a Mediterranean climate, is planted in spring and then generally transplanted after about a year and a half. If you decide to grow it in a pot, choose one of good size with at least 60 cm in diameter. Put on the bottom of the gravel to facilitate drainage, then add the soil. It is a resistant plant, which is well suited to the outdoor climate, although it is good to put it in the sun in summer and protect it from bad weather or excessive cold in winters, and which does not require much water, nor great care.

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