Le Iene, a nightmare joke to Adriana Volpe. She reacts on Instagram

Adriana Volpe, stocked on Rai. And the frost grows with Giancarlo Magalli

"Le Iene" hit Adriana Volpe: "I spent a nightmare weekend". But on Instagram leaves you breathless with Alessia Marcuzzi

Adriana Volpe was the victim of a nightmare joke, organized by the hyenas who made her believe that her beloved poodle Grace had been kidnapped. But having overcome the fright after realizing that it was all a staging, the presenter thanks Alessia Marcuzzi on Instagram by sharing some screaming photos that sees them embraced together.

Let's proceed in order. The cruel joke concocted by the hyenas takes place during a weekend that Adriana Volpe thought she would dedicate to relaxing in a Spa. With her, her little dog Grace, often the protagonist of her Stories. A strange man approaches her ready to offer her 70 thousand euros for the poodle. Obviously Adriana refuses any amount.

At this point the mysterious individual decides to act with force and taking advantage of the Fox's absence, enters her room and kidnaps Grace. These are hours of anxiety for the presenter, which ends with the intervention of Stefano Corti and Alessandro Onnis, who return the dog to Adriana, explaining that it was a joke. La Volpe's reply is clear: “You made me have a nightmare weekend”.

Having overcome the trauma of the moment and recovered, the host of Every Morning posted on Instagram two wonderful photos with Alessia Marcuzzi, presenter of the Hyenas. Both wear mini dresses that leave you breathless, Alessia (42) and Adriana (47) have nothing to envy to their twenties. The first with a red animalier look, the second glittery are simply a blast.

La Volpe writes to comment on the photos: “Dear @alessiamarcuzzi it was nice to see you again and hug you again. How nice to wake up in the morning and find many of your messages, I'm glad you enjoyed the episode of the Hyenas. 😘 "In fact, they liked the episode very much, so much so that someone would like to see them work together:" What crazy pussies 😍 lead together ". And again: “Beautiful joke ..! It would be wonderful to see you lead the hyenas together, you would be a perfect hyena 😍😍 ".

Others perhaps referring to Magalli with whom Adriana has a strong friction write: "You are a serious and good professional … and, finally, you are no longer in anyone's shadow!".

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