Le Iene, Elena Santarelli replaces Vanoni: her monologue is moving

Elena Santarelli has taken the place of Ornella Vanoni at the helm of “Le Iene”: her monologue is a blow to the heart

Change in the running for the new episode of Le Iene, the show aired every Tuesday on Italia 1: Ornella Vanoni, the highly anticipated presenter for an evening, is absent. The news came at the last minute, due to a malaise that hit the great artist. Mediaset immediately ran for cover, finding a replacement who took his place. This is Elena Santarelli,

Ornella Vanoni, because she is absent from Le Iene

This year, the Italia 1 show has decided to adopt a new line of management that is particularly liked. At each appointment, Nicola Savino is joined by a woman from the world of entertainment, sport or music who engages not only in the presentation of the services of Le Iene, but also in a touching monologue each time on a different theme. Many personalities have already paraded in front of the broadcast cameras, and during the episode of Tuesday 16 November 2021 Ornella Vanoni was expected.

The singer, however, could not be there: to reveal it was the production of Le Iene, with a short press release released just a few hours before the airing of the new appointment. Vanoni was replaced due to a strong flu. It was precisely on her that the broadcaster had focused, as one of the 10 all-female faces that are gradually accompanying Savino (and Gialappa’s Band) in this new edition of Le Iene. Due to her malaise, however, Ornella has seen her appearance postponed.

Elena Santarelli replaces Ornella Vanoni

This last-minute change did not worry Mediaset too much, which immediately found a solution. Running for cover, the Italia 1 show has therefore deployed Elena Santarellli in place of Vanoni: the showgirl was scheduled for the next episode on Tuesday 23 November, but at this point she anticipated her debut at Le Iene. It was she who supported Nicola Savino in this appointment, knowing full well that she had a huge responsibility on her shoulders. That of not betraying the expectations of the public, who had counted on the splendid Ornella.

“Carefree, fun and reflection, the hyenas have always represented this” – said Santarelli – “I arrive early to replace the great Ornella Vanoni, but I will never be able to replace her in truth, she is Ornella! For tonight I’m ready to have fun, knowing that my friend Alessia will cheer for me ”. The reference to Marcuzzi, who for a long time was at the helm of the Italia 1 investigative broadcast, is more than evident.

It now remains to understand when the appearance of the Vanoni will postpone. Because this is probably just a small hitch that shouldn’t compromise his debut on the stage of Le Iene. It is possible that the singer will take the place of Elena Santarelli at the helm of the next episode, if her health conditions allow it. We will certainly have updates over the next few days.

Elena Santarelli’s monologue

Santarelli also gave a touching speech, addressing a topic that concerned her very closely: her way of living the disease that struck her son Giacomo. “I was ashamed to go back to work, to go out with my husband, even to go to the hairdresser. I felt bad for taking a piece of life for myself. The looks, the words of the people forbid you to be other than the disease ”- said the showgirl, with tears in her eyes.

“There is another thing that prevents you from returning to life: the sense of guilt for the luck you have had. Because so many friends I met in the hospital, mothers like me, no longer have their children today. And that luck I felt I didn’t deserve more than them. So I tried to hide my happiness, but they told me: ‘Don’t be ashamed’. And it is only thanks to them that I was able to return to live all my emotions, and I freed myself. I felt like a wrong mother, but I don’t want to do it anymore. And don’t do it either, don’t be afraid to come back to life ”.

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