Le Iene, Noemi: "I was bullied for the weight"

Le Iene, Noemi: "I was bullied for the weight"

Interviewed by Iene, the singer talked about herself at 360 degrees from the changes of the body, to the wedding and to the music

Radiant, with that smile that has distinguished her from the very beginning of her career, this is how Noemi appeared during the interview with Le Iene, five years after the first one dated 2016.

At the registry office Veronica Scopelliti, 39, Noemi told about herself and also about the change in her body, which in recent months has seen her in better shape than ever.

And the singer also opened up about the number that marks the scales, which she fearlessly declared: “57 kilos,” she said. Weight achieved by putting on: "A lot of head", explained the artist who then also revealed his secrets to stay in shape: "I train, I go for a run …".

Regarding the weight of the first, Noemi did not hide the fact that she was bullied: "Sometimes yes – she admitted to the camera of Le Iene, explaining also in her opinion what triggers in the mind who insults -: Perhaps because he sees something in the other that he lacks ". No response to the provocations for the singer who explained that even now she receives negative comments: "There is always someone who doesn't like it – she added – My fear is that this social rudeness will arrive in real life".

During the interview, some excerpts from the previous one were re-proposed to tell the changes that occurred in the course of her life: from her engagement with her historical partner, the musician Gabriele Greco, with whom she got married in 2018.

Regarding the possibility of having a child, she left the doors open by simply replying that "It would be nice", while when asked if she considers herself a feminist, she explained: "I am a woman who loves women and who loves men who love women. women".

An all-round Noemi that emerged from the interview with Le Iene, during which she also talked about music about how much the artist loves her work so much that – she confessed: "I would also do my job for free, but this we must not tell anyone ”.

Noemi took part in the last edition of the Sanremo Festival where she enchanted viewers with her latest song Glicine, a single that also launched the release of the Metamorphosis album. And on the stage of the singing festival a new Noemi was seen, strong in her great talent and a renewed physical form.

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