Le Iene, Raoul Bova victim of an embarrassing joke

Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova ended up in the crosshairs of the "Hyenas" victim of a joke with the complicity of his son Francesco

Raoul Bova is the protagonist of an embarrassing joke of the hyenas. The actor ended up in the crosshairs of Nic Bello who organized a staging for him, making him believe he had become a grandfather with the complicity of his son Francesco.

Bova has four children: Alessandro Leon and Francesco, the result of the marriage with Chiara Giordano, Luna and Alma, born from the love story with Rocio Munoz Morales. Despite the divorce, Raoul managed to create an excellent relationship with his children and has always been a very present father.

The protagonist of the joke of the Hyenas is Francesco, the actor's second son. With the complicity of the show's editorial staff, the boy pretended to be a dad, making Bova a grandfather at 49. The joke, broadcast in the episode of March 23, was anticipated by a video posted on the program's Instagram page. “Raoul Bova thought he knew Francesco's girlfriend, his son just of age – reads the caption -, instead he found himself the grandfather of a one-month-old baby and as daughter-in-law the pornstar Priscilla Salerno. But it was all a joke of Nic Bello ”.

In the video Bova discovers that her son has fallen in love during a lunch. Shortly after Francesco introduces him to his girlfriend, but above all the couple's son, Brian. A real surprise for the actor who at first seems to take it well, then gets mad at the firstborn who doesn't seem able to take care of the newborn. “Frank, you have to take your responsibilities – he says furiously -. You keep it and you grow it. The thing you cannot do is abandon a child ”.

Some time ago, as a guest of Verissimo, Raoul Bova had told about his relationship with his children and the happiness of seeing all four united after the pain of divorce from Chiara Giordano. “I swam against the current for many years – he revealed -, because everyone expected a more decisive intervention from me, instead I left my children free to decide and to live their own interiority and their feelings without impositions. I let them have the time to meet their sisters, hang out with them and, little by little, to love each other… And it happened ”.

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