Learn operations with the straight line of numbers

Learn operations with the straight line of numbers

How to learn additions and subtractions without problems? The number line is a useful tool for all students

The Line of Numbers to learn additions and subtractions.

The straight line of numbers can be used as a compensatory tool for boys and girls, DSA and BES boys and girls: it has the aim of supporting the teaching of elementary addition and subtraction operations. In reality it is an effective tool for all students, who want to better understand and review what they learn at school and for parents who want to support and follow their children in the study.

Adding means counting forward on the line of numbers. To make a subtraction, however, you need to count backwards. These are simple, natural procedures, such as walking back and forth on a line, going up and down the elevator, seeing the temperature go down or up.

Once the procedure is understood, the calculation of the result becomes a concrete operation and sums and differences become child's play!

The straight line of interactive or paper numbers

Try the version of the Interactive Number Line available online on redooc.com.

The interactive number line is a graphical representation of the numbers from 0 to 20 that allows you to easily calculate sums and differences. To use the interactive number line just follow the instructions, written and in audio.

There are two types of exercises proposed with the interactive number line:

  • free navigation mode to freely invent and calculate subtractions or additions
  • operations proposed by the computer.

Even in a simple paper version it is a very useful tool, which can help concretely in understanding the calculation logic.

We have experienced it with the help of boys and girls with specific learning difficulties and, thanks to the simplicity of deliveries, also available in audio, to the interactive placeholder and to the ease of use, it has been confirmed to be an effective help for everyone.

And for the multiplication tables? There is the Pythagorean table!

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