Learning English with compensatory tools

Learning English with compensatory tools

What are the compensatory tools that can help students with SLD in the study of the English language

Learning English with compensatory tools

Learning the English language is a fundamental requirement. However, students with SLD often encounter difficulties with grammar and phonetics. What are the compensatory tools that can help students with SLD?

The importance of learning the English language

Knowledge of the English language is, to date, a fundamental requirement as it allows to expand knowledge and opportunities. The ability to read, translate and interpret the English language allows you to improve your preparation as well as allow you to relate to foreign people and realities. In addition, as explained by Professor Micaela Antognini, founder of a language school, children who approach English from childhood through play have advantages in the process of entering school. For this reason, the teaching of the English language is very important, from the early years of school and throughout the school career.

The difficulties of students with SLD

In addition to learning the basic rules and English grammar, the school, in particular starting from lower secondary school, also develops skills related to reading and listening comprehension and the production of oral and written papers. However, students with SLD face various difficulties in learning foreign languages: the difference in pronunciation and sounds of words and the multiple rules of grammar make it more difficult for them to use English, both written and oral.

The compensatory instruments

There are therefore various tools to support students with SLD in learning the English language and comprehension and production skills.

Among the compensatory tools, videos allow you to learn grammar rules and concepts through images, facilitating connections. In fact, the association of images with words allows you to associate an object with an abstract concept. In addition, by listening to videos and speech synthesis tools (text to speech), students can learn the right pronunciation and sounds of the English language.

The digital teaching platform redooc.com has developed, in addition to the section dedicated to English for Primary school, also a section dedicated to English for the First Grade Secondary School for learning grammar, English skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and English literature. The lessons, all accompanied by Text To Speech, are full of videos and images with the main grammar rules, cards and interactive exercises explained to learn and improve English through games.

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