Leather pants: how to

Leather pants: how to

They are not a very simple garment, but they can be worn with style: let's see how

Leather trousers are not an easy garment, partly because of how they are structured, partly because of how they must be combined if you want to achieve a glamorous and effective look. Let's see together some useful tips on how to choose them and how to wear them.

Leather pants: how to

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Leather pants: how to choose them

Basic premise: try to make sure that they are really leather or that their rendering on yours is as similar as possible to leather. This kind of trousers, especially if they are tight, have a tendency to score, so they force you to wear them with oversized pullovers or garments that in any case come at least to the hips. Another thing to keep in mind is the color: they don't exist only in black, even if this is the most classic model. There are leather-colored or even colored: choose them according to the look you want to achieve, but also keeping in mind the shade that suits you the most.

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Leather pants: rock look

They go perfectly well worn with combat boots, bikers and ankle boots, but if you want to get an effective look, why not try to make them more feminine with a pair of pumps or a colorful accessory? Decontextualizing always works!

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Leather trousers: over the door

Leather trousers can be suitable for you even if you are above the doors: in this case, the winning choice is to wear them in order to make them super easy. Opt for a knitted pullover, even oversized, and for sports shoes, sneakers or trainers or even chunky ones.

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Leather pants: with flat shoes

Why not add a Brit touch to the look? You can do it with a pair of moccasins, or in any case with flat shoes that leave the instep exposed. For me the top is to use them without socks, but if you are super cold, an ankle sock in a contrasting color can also be fine.

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