"Leave us the masks", the social appeal of a sick girl who fights the Coronavirus

"Leave us the masks", the social appeal of a sick girl who fights the Coronavirus

This girl, suffering from leukemia, asks the Italians for some solidarity during the chaos and fear generated by the Coronavirus

In the last days, the air we breathe in our country is different and the fault is not only of the Coronavirus, but of the perception that people have of this epidemic, because we should remember everyone who before being subject to risk, we are beings human.

And if the fear that has almost turned into psychosis, which is spreading faster in Italy than the virus itself that has struck our country, makes us lose sight of some human priorities, this girl's appeal seems to bring us back to reality.

Her name is Elena Vaccari and she has been battling a terrible disease for some time. In fact, this Emilian girl has leukemia and her condition requires her to be particularly careful not to contract COVID-19.

"Leave the masks to us immune depressed" – writes the girl through her Facebook profile in a post that is an outlet but also an appeal – "Italian friends, please, enough with the complaints and controversies, enough with the raids of disinfectants and "random" masks, pharmacies also respond to those who, like me, really need them, who "can't find them anymore".

A request, the one made by the young Emilian to the Italians who has already gone around the web, because in a moment when fear can plunge us into chaos, it takes awareness of certain situations that can affect us firsthand and others .

Because rather than living the spread of this epidemic as a war to be fought alone, we should remember that we are a country and a people, and first of all there is humanity. And this is what Elena addresses in her long outburst on Facebook, she who during the first epidemic of the contemporary world finds herself facing a double battle.

So here is that the request of the Emilian girl, through her words becomes clear "I know you are afraid, but rest assured: it is now clear that the Coronavirus will do nothing to you that you are well, while it could do much harm to those who like me, they have immune defenses under their feet due to chemotherapy or the like. "

And the time has come to demonstrate our humanity and solidarity with others, responding to Elena's appeal and the cry for help from people at risk.

Elena Vaccari's appeal – Facebook source

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