Lemon frost: here are the tricks for the success of a perfect dessert

gelo di limone trucchi

A typical recipe of the Sicilian culinary tradition: we reveal tips and tricks for the perfect success of the lemon frost.

It is a typically summer dessert of the Sicilian culinary tradition: the lemon frost, a healthy, delicate and light delicacy also perfect for lactose or gluten intolerant.

lemon frost tricks

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Also ideal for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian regime, lemon ice is a perfect goodness also for those who want to end a meal with sweetness but without overdoing the calories.

Despite being a pretty simple preparation, let’s find out what the tricks to make a perfect lemon frost: here are the tips to follow that not everyone, those who try their hand at the preparation for the first time, know.

Here are the tricks for a perfect lemon frost

Fresh, thirst-quenching, light: lemon ice is a super simple and super light spoon dessert capable of appealing to everyone. A recipe that is prepared with only 3 ingredients plus water.

lemon frost tricks

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Lemon juice and zest, sugar and cornstarch are the ingredients to prepare it and it is perfect to serve on hot summer days for a refreshing fish-based end of meal. In addition to lemon, it can also be made with other types of fruit, let’s think about Frost Melone, to that of watermelon or tangerines.

With a few steps you can get a true Sicilian goodness, like the blancmangebut what are the secrets to preparing a perfect lemon frost? Let’s find out.

1) Use untreated lemons. Since this citrus is the essential ingredient of lemon ice, the advice is to use organic lemons. In addition to the juice, the zest will also be used to flavor the water. This is why it is good not to use treated lemons. Perfect are the sweeter green ones than the yellows. Sicily is a land rich in these citrus fruits.

2) Do not rush. When preparing lemon ice, you shouldn’t be in a hurry, on the contrary, the advice is to start the day before. The peels of the lemons will have to stay overnight in infusion in the water.

3) Remove the white part of the zest. If we do not want to obtain a bitter aftertaste we will have to carefully remove the white part from the peel of the lemons, before putting the peels to soak in the water.

4) Filter. Another trick is to filter the liquid from the lemon peels. In this way we will eliminate impurities or small parts of the peel that would otherwise end up in our lemon frost.

5) Wet the mold. If we do not want to spoil the lemon ice at the time of unmolding, we will have to be careful to wet the mold before pouring the hot mixture that will have to cool in there. With this trick we will be able to remove the lemon frost more easily without breaking it.

6) Leave to cool. As mentioned in point 2 with the lemon frost you must not be in a hurry. In fact, once we have prepared it we will have to wait another 8 hours at least to make it firm. Although not having difficult or long passages, this dessert requires long dead times, first in flavoring the water, and then in making the dessert firm.

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