"Less tasks, more life". And we basically agree with the minister

"Less tasks, more life". And we basically agree with the minister

Minister Bussetti makes an appeal to the teachers, so that less tasks are given for the Christmas holidays: "We leave the children free to rest, stay with their family and do other things"

A decision that makes the one advanced by the minister of education Bussetti discuss and motivated to the microphones of A day from a sheep. An appeal to the teaching staff, which will materialize in a circular, the content of which will be: fewer tasks for the Christmas holidays.

We leave the kids free to rest, spend time with their family and do other things: read, move, see exhibitions.

In practice: rest, time for one's family and for oneself.

A decision, we said, that can only lead to discussion, contested in primis by the teachers anchored to a classical vision of the school, who consider the fundamental tasks for not losing the training and the habit to study and the results achieved in the middle of the year, and those same parents who share the same line of thought. Or who fear that more time available for boys will result in hours spent watching TV or video games. But we trust in the right ratio of parents, where children exaggerate on that road.

Recalling among other things that Italy is the country in the world that has more homework, we tell you why we agree with him

  • Christmas holidays, compared to summer ones, are much shorter. Difficult to think that by detaching for two weeks, you can lose what you have assimilated up to that point nor the habit of studying. On the contrary, allowing the body and mind to detach can only help the boys face the second half of the year with more sprints
  • The Christmas holidays are by definition the moment of family reunion. Not only parents and siblings, but also uncles, cousins, distant relatives who hardly ever see each other, this is perhaps the only occasion in which we all find ourselves together. Let the kids have the time to fully enjoy this moment, to rediscover their family, it's the best Christmas gift you can give them.
  • Among (many) eaten and (too many) tasks, the boys end up running out of time for them during the Christmas holidays, without even having found a moment for themselves. Allowing them to (re) discover the pleasure of reading, cinema, sport and a healthy walk in the open air has enormous value for their path of growth and discovery. If they do not have the time and the opportunity to understand if they like to read something that is not imposed by the school, or the beauty of the seventh art, they risk becoming certified adults. And charging them excessively with tasks is a contribution in this direction. Why risk it?

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