Letizia di Spagna enchants with an imperfect look: the secret of gray

Letizia of Spain, the best kept secret of her wardrobe: the shoe size

White hair and crumpled fabric, the wonderfully flawed look of Letizia of Spain pleases. And she dresses in gray because it is the color of the year

Letizia of Spain, the imperfect gray look

Letizia of Spain participated in the X Forum organized by the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) of which she is permanent honorary president. For the occasion, the Queen wore a gray look that was formal and elegant enough, without hiding some wonderful imperfections that show how a "normal" woman can be a style icon.

On the World Cancer Day, Letizia of Spain therefore made her presence and support felt to those involved in the research to fight this disease and her solidarity with those who have been affected by it. Felipe's wife has always been very sensitive to this issue.

In consideration of the type of event and the general situation of her country and of the whole world, Letizia opted for a simple but no less impactful outfit. Therefore, the Queen continues her strategy of austerity and sobriety, giving up flashy accessories, bright colors and preferring dresses and skirts, trousers in neutral shades and recycled garments.

This time Letizia wore the most elegant and feminine model of a shirt with a bow at the neck that she wears tied to a tie. This is the Iazo line, signed by Hugo Boss, which the Queen sports in white. A garment that many women in power have chosen for more formal occasions, an example above all the Gucci cyclamen shirt worn by both Kate Middleton and Melania Trump.

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Felipe's wife coordinates the white shirt with a pair of palazzo pants, in gray Prince of Wales, by Massimo Dutti, one of her favorite low cost brands. To protect herself from the cold, Letizia dusts off Carolina Herrera's trapeze coat, also gray, which she naturally wears over her shoulders without putting it on. The first time she wore it was in 2015. And finally, to slim the figure, she went back to Magrit's powder blue high-heeled pumps, after we saw her wearing Hugo Boss ballet flats and moccasins. As usual, however, the jewels are reduced to a minimum, bamboo-shaped hoop earrings that she often lends to her eldest daughter, Leonor, and Karen Hallam's inseparable ring.

If in the past blue and red were the predominant colors of her wardrobe, recently Donna Letizia seems to have found her new shade in gray. A challenging color that does not always match, the combination of accessories and colors is essential to avoid the aging effect. Even the Queen recently made a mistake when she dared to combine a beige sweater with the gray suit. But, needless to say, he immediately remedied his mistake with Nina Ricci's grisaille-effect coat and now with the pot pourri outfit.

If the choice of gray meets the needs of austerity, in reality it is another secret reason that led Letizia to prefer it to all the other colors and it is an exquisitely fashionable question. In fact, gray together with yellow was chosen as the pantone color of 2021.

Letizia's impeccable look features some details that have been defined as "imperfections", but which make the image of the Sovereign natural, increasingly appreciated by subjects and style experts. These details are the increasingly white hair, Letizia has chosen not to use the dye anymore, and the folds on the pants, a defect in the fabric. But Felipe's wife also clears the rumpled effect.

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