Letizia di Spagna seduces with the second skin effect dress and over the knee boots

Letizia di Spagna seduces with the second skin effect dress and over the knee boots

Letizia di Spagna plays with contrasts and leaves you breathless with the tight-fitting dress and the very high boots that only she can afford

Letizia di Spagna is finally back in public and leaves you breathless with a look that plays with contrasts, minimal and very refined to which she adds highly seductive details, such as the suede over-the-knee boots. Obviously, the outfit is totally recycled and the exact same outfit was worn in February last year at the delivery of the National Research Awards 2019.

It is not an easy time for Letizia and the Royal House. Spain is severely tested by infections and by the storm Filomena which also forced the Queen to cancel some commitments on the agenda. In fact, it was from January 6 that Felipe's wife did not show up, generating a certain anxiety among the subjects. In fact, Donna Letizia is the Sovereign who has accumulated the most public commitments in 2020 in Europe. To these concerns must be added the tensions of the Palace, with the mother-in-law Sofia of Greece and above all with the King emeritus Juan Carlos, in voluntary exile in Abu Dhabi. There is bad blood between Letizia and her father-in-law and the Queen has decided to take revenge by cutting off relations between her daughters, Leonor and Sofia and their grandfather.

But let's go back to Letizia's commitment in Madrid. The Queen attended an important working meeting with the management of the Fundación Telefónica, to outline the new charitable projects to be implemented in 2021. This time Donna Letizia renounces the classic working girl suit to present herself with a long dark blue dress with collar high asymmetrical, signed Cos. The snug-fitting dress has the effect of a "second skin" and enhances the wispy figure of the Queen, also enhanced by the black Burberry leather belt that emphasizes the slim waist.

Letizia's austere look is played down by the wisely chosen accessories, in particular the cuissard boots, very high and similar to tights, a touch of the highest seduction and great femininity that Felipe's wife brings with the extreme class that distinguishes her. The boots are signed Magrit, one of the Sovereign's favorite brands in terms of footwear and made their debut, as Hola reminds us, in 2018 on the anniversary of the La Razon newspaper.

Long dress, high boots: at this point Donna Letizia gives up the coat and to defend herself from the cold wears a hooded jacket, naturally black and wide, by Hugo Boss. The natural make-up, the minimized jewelery and the very smooth hair thanks to the straightener do the rest. The look is a hit, perfect for tackling a formal meeting on a rainy January day.

Letizia of Spain

Letizia of Spain

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