Letizia di Spagna, the makeup she chose to renew her look

Letizia di Spagna, the makeup she chose to renew her look

With a little trick, Letizia of Spain made her work look much more modern

Letizia di Spagna, the timeless ethnic blazer

As a true queen of style, Letizia of Spain knows perfectly how to always be perfect on every occasion. Her beautiful dresses, elegant and classy, ​​are a source of inspiration for millions of women. When it comes to work, however, she doesn't hesitate to choose simpler looks. And with a few little tricks it makes them more original and modern than ever.

Recently, Letizia surprised us with some classic outfits that she periodically returns to extract from her wardrobe. Like the fire red suit, timeless for its slightly aggressive charm – not to mention how this color really gives a lot to the Queen. Or like the two-piece black and white, an anticipation of summer that King Felipe VI's wife was able to show off with great elegance, inaugurating, among other things, a completely new look after so many months in which she preferred to dedicate herself to recycling.

Among the outfits from which to take inspiration, there are absolutely those that Letizia wears on work occasions. In the past few hours he took part in a meeting with four young winners of the prize recognized by the Princess of Girona Foundation in the Social category. An appointment that Ortiz was very keen on, which was held in one of the beautiful and bright offices within the Zarzuela. And once again the Queen has focused on a two-tone look, but with a truly original touch.

Making her a simple style secret, Letizia broke a classic black suit by combining skinny-cut trousers with a decidedly bolder jacket, creating a “detachment” that made her look fresh and modern. His choice fell on a garment that we already saw several months ago, always on a similar occasion. It is a Hugo Boss jacquard fabric jacket, with a high collar and side pockets highlighted by black trims.

Even in accessories, Letizia preferred to stay on classic choices: on her feet she showed off a pair of vertiginous heels by Carolina Herrera (one of her favorite brands). As jewels, only a pair of small hoop earrings – the same ones he has lent to his daughter Leonor on several occasions – and the inevitable ring by Karen Hallam, a very precious gift which he never seems to want to do without. Once again, she also opted for a simple hairstyle without hiding her white hair.

Letizia of Spain, the work look

Letizia of Spain

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