Letizia di Spagna, the precious detail that eclipses the dream skirt

Letizia di Spagna, the precious detail that eclipses the dream skirt

Letizia di Spagna attracts attention with a pair of precious earrings, made in Italy, in the shape of shoelaces that manage to overshadow her iconic skirt

Letizia of Spain recycles the white dress of 2014

Letizia of Spain begins her weekly diary by proposing a look that leaves you breathless. Not only that, she re-proposes the gold pleated maxi skirt, a must have in her wardrobe, but sports a pair of very precious dangling earrings, a real rarity for her style, which are a fairy tale.

Letizia of Spain participated with Felipe in the delivery of the 2018 National Sports Awards at the Royal Palace of El Pardo in Madrid and managed to attract attention with her fantastic outfit, confirming herself as the most elegant sovereign in Europe. Not even the 4 thousand euro dress worn by Meghan Markle during the interview with Oprah Winfrey can match it. And it's not a question of dress, but of style and bearing.

In fact, Letizia manages to enchant even with low-cost garments that she continuously recycles. And that's exactly what he did on this occasion. The Queen showed up at the awards ceremony wearing the black, enveloping T-shirt by Hugo Boss, a great classic of her clothing, and paired it with the long golden pleated skirt, with asymmetrical hem, by Massimo Dutti, from 89, 95 euros, which he has worn several times and even recently.

You can buy online a skirt similar to that of Letizia of Spain for less than 10 euros, by clicking here.

On the other hand it is a summer garment that has been able to transform into a perfect winter look. On the other hand, we saw Letizia with the light blue Hugo Boss longuette skirt and short-sleeved shirt in February. The debut of the maxi skirt took place on June 19, 2020 while she was attending a flamenco show with her husband and daughters, Leonor and Sofia, at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid. So he coordinated it with a black sleeveless top and rope shoes. The skirt was so successful that the Queen wore it again in October, combining it with a transparent black shirt and a coat that she wore strictly over the shoulders.

To complete the winter version of her look, there are now the black crocodile-print pumps that Donna Letizia proposed only a few days ago with the white dress from 2014, signed by Felipe Varela.

But attention is drawn to a precious detail that appeared for the first time in the outfit of Felipe's wife. It is a pair of dangle earrings, in the shape of knotted shoelaces, studded with turquoise precious stones, made by the Italian brand ROD Almayate. Letizia wisely collects her hair to give maximum visibility to the new jewel that certainly does not go unnoticed to the point of eclipsing the pleated skirt that she has enchanted on several occasions.

Letizia of Spain

Letizia of Spain

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