Letizia di Spagna transforms the floral dress into a must-have, slim effect

Letizia di Spagna transforms the floral dress into a must-have, slim effect

Letizia of Spain wears the 2019 Hugo Boss floral shirt that makes you look slimmer and teaches a lesson in style

Letizia of Spain, from the Persian dress to the orange tunic

Letizia of Spain opens her weekly agenda with the delivery of the 2020 National Research Awards at Palazzo Reale. And to meet the eminent personalities of the scientific world, she chooses a floral dress, obviously recycled, which she transforms into a seasonal trend.

Therefore, Donna Letizia continues with the austere and anti-waste style that has distinguished her in recent months, coming to wear the tweed dress of 15 years ago. Lately, the new entries in her wardrobe have been really rare, the most recent is the white top with maxi sleeves that she paired with red culottes at the end of April.

Also for the prestigious research awards, which Her Majesty presented together with King Felipe, the Queen preferred to show off an already consolidated and successful look. To be precise, Letizia wore a floral dress, by Hugo Boss, which has been part of her wardrobe since 2019. This is the fourth time she has worn it in a public event. But despite that, she managed to turn it into this spring's must-have.

Letizia is very fond of floral prints, she recently re-proposed the dress with roses by Zara, but for this more formal event she opted for one of the highlights of her wardrobe, the Hugo Boss dress with red and orange flowers. A light-colored, high-necked shirtdress, fabric belt at the waist, with asymmetrical hem and long sleeves that the Queen wears rolled up almost to the elbows.

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The model for the particular cut at the waist and the soft and wide skirt has a powerful slimming effect that Letizia amplifies by choosing Magrit's pointy burgundy pumps. As usual, the jewels are reduced to a minimum, with stud earrings by Golden & Roses and the ring, a gift from the daughters, Leonor and Sofia.

Letizia debuted with this outfit on November 19, 2019, on the occasion of her visit to El Rastrillo where she was accompanied by her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. To protect herself from autumn temperatures, she paired the dress with a leather-colored leather jacket.

He wore it again in February 2020 during an audience at the Palazzo and then dusted it off on July 15 last year and on that occasion he paired it with a pair of espadrilles.

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Letizia of Spain

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