Letizia from Spain, tuxedos and natural feet: a style lesson at Meghan Markle

Letizia from Spain, tuxedos and natural feet: a style lesson at Meghan Markle

Letizia of Spain enchants with Hugo Boss's tuxedo and shows Meghan how to wear herself. While the natural pedicure is inspired by Kate Middleton.

Letizia di Spagna enchants with her tuxedo and shows her natural feet

Letizia of Spain participated with her husband Felipe in the Noche de la Economía Valenciana. His look is impeccable, a real style lesson for Meghan Markle.

The Spanish Sovereign wears a black tuxedo suit, signed by Hugo Boss, her favorite designer, who has already shown off in 2016. She manages to translate a masculine outfit into a refined, extremely feminine look, thanks to some well-designed accessories.

Starting with the open toe of the Magrit brand. Transparent, with a very high stiletto heel and a barely noticeable plateau, they show the Queen's feet, very neat and without enamel. An unusual choice for her who loves red on her nails. Even the hands are not lacquered. Letizia seems to have been inspired by Kate Middleton. Combine the shoes with a sparkling black clutch by Bottega Veneta.

Letizia embellishes the look with few but important jewels: the Bulgari bracelet and the black diamond ears created by Grisogono.

The former journalist is simply gorgeous and gives Meghan another style lesson that adores masculine-cut clothes. He even had a fight with Harry for a tuxedo. However, Lady Markle has always been fascinated by the Queen of Spain. His green leather longuette worn a few months ago was inspired by Letizia's wardrobe.

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