Letizia of Spain, a former friend reveals her ambitions before marrying Felipe

Letizia of Spain, a former friend reveals her ambitions before marrying Felipe

Letizia and Felipe seem to have been born to love each other. But if the King had to fight to get her family to accept her, Ortiz also had ambitions other than becoming Queen

Letizia of Spain, Queen also in style with the recycled fuchsia sheath dress

Letizia Ortiz and King Felipe of Spain seem to have been born to be together. The two, since the days of their engagement and even more after their marriage, have always appeared very close and in love. Their union, however, was not taken for granted.

It is well known, in fact, that Felipe had to fight with his parents to convince them to accept his wife: “Either I marry Letizia or I am not marrying” he would have declared without the possibility of accepting opposition. However, Ortiz also had different ambitions before meeting him and expected everything except to become Queen of Spain.

To reveal what Letizia's wishes were before meeting Felipe, her ex-friend Evelyn Von Brocke on the silver TV show Podemos Hablar. The two worked side by side in the United States of America and, for this reason, they got to know each other very well. Ortiz, said the woman, was an excellent journalist, extremely professional and always ready to travel in order to document the most important world events.

Letizia, however, had very clear ideas also as regards affairs of the heart. According to what Evelyn Von Brock said, the Queen imagined herself alongside a businessman, probably an entrepreneur with a good reputation. During a day's work, however, she met Felipe and fell madly in love.

The rest is history. Letizia and Felipe got married and had two beautiful daughters: Leonor, the heir to the throne, and little Sofia. Thus, Ortiz took off the role of a journalist to wear those of Regina and take on great responsibilities. On a daily basis, for the good of his country, he faces institutional meetings and important meetings showing off impeccable looks and great class.

Despite the important role played by Felipe and Letizia, the two continued to show themselves united and to support each other even in the most difficult moments, demonstrating that their marriage is based on a deep and true feeling. Often, like this, they have been spotted together hand in hand or looking sweetly into each other's eyes.

In short, Felipe and Letizia are one of the most popular royal couples. Once the difficulties posed by the health emergency have been overcome, will they return to be seen calm and in love in a simple day of shopping or vacation?

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