Letizia of Spain, affectionate granddaughter: surprise visits to grandmother Menchu

Letizia of Spain, affectionate granddaughter: surprise visits to grandmother Menchu

A few days after the death of Letizia di Spagna's grandmother, very tender details emerge about their relationship

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The sudden death of María del Carmen Álvarez del Valle, who has always been grandmother Menchu ​​to everyone, left a great void in Letizia of Spain. The two women were deeply linked by a great affection, which over the years had extended to the entire Royal Family. So much so that the Queen and her husband used to pay her surprise visits to give her a few happy hours.

This is what emerges from an unpublished interview that Menchu ​​had released in 2019 to Alejandro Entambasaguas, a journalist from OK magazine, with the promise that it would only be made public after his death. And now that Letizia's grandmother is gone, at the age of 93, her pleasant chat with Entambasaguas has finally come to light, revealing very sweet details about the relationship between her and her granddaughter.

That Ortiz was very close to her grandmother, as we have said, has always been clear. On the other hand, it seems that her own journalistic career, the one she interrupted only when she decided to marry King Felipe VI, was inspired by Menchu, who worked as a radio host for many years. Not even the distance has affected their bond: her grandmother has always lived in Ribadesella, a small town in Asturias, but Letizia never missed the opportunity to visit her.

On the contrary: during the interview, Menchu ​​had revealed that her niece and her husband Felipe used to visit her and surprise her, without first warning her. “They arrive without warning, and this excites me a lot” – Letizia's grandmother said, unable to hold back her joy in thinking back to the wonderful moments spent in the company of her great-granddaughters, Leonor and Sofia. Indeed, it seems that the Royal Family used to stay even for the night, so as to stay longer in Grandma Menchu's pretty house in the countryside.

The latter, in speaking of Letizia, had confided that she had always been very proud of her: "She is a strong and loving woman". And, showing a keen sense of humor, he had told a funny anecdote: the day his niece and the future King of Spain's engagement was made public, his phone had been ringing continuously for weeks, so much so. from having lost his voice to answer everyone.

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