Letizia of Spain, as she remembers her first Christmas with Queen Sofia

Letizia of Spain, as she remembers her first Christmas with Queen Sofia

Letizia di Spagna's first Christmas with her in-laws did not go very well: the fault of an unwelcome gift and the label

Letizia di Spagna compared with the look of her daughters Leonor and Sofia

Even royals can have unpleasant experiences with the holidays: Letizia of Spain knows this well, who according to the Spanish journalist and writer Pilar Eyre still remembers the first Christmas in the company of Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos and not really for positive reasons.

It could be said that that first Christmas was a litmus test for the then fiancée of King Philip: once she became Queen Consort, in fact Letizia of Spain distanced herself from her mother-in-law and father-in-law for several reasons, first of all for the ideas concerning parenting.

Going back in time, however, it seems that the first Christmas at Corte di Letizia was characterized by a series of embarrassing events. First of all, the exchange of gifts. In fact, according to what Pilar Eyre has collected, gifts are immediately exchanged at the Zarzuela Palace, before dining.

Basically, Letizia of Spain had to take off her coat and run to the foot of the large entrance staircase, where her future in-laws were already proceeding to distribute gifts regardless of whether she was present or not. But not only that: her gift was given to her at the last, while everyone walked away to the dining room.

If that wasn't enough, Letizia's surprise was enormous when she unwrapped the package. Inside there was an extra-large flannel pajama, combined with padded slippers, all purchased at Harrod's Department Store in London.

Letizia's impression – never confirmed – was that the gift, initially, was not for her: in addition to being purchased many months in advance, the gift did not match her style and was also particularly far from her tastes. Even Felipe was surprised: as his official girlfriend, in fact, he expected a jewel or a garment that would enhance the slender figure of Letizia.

Finally, the last setback was the position at the table that was assigned to Ortiz: Letizia was made to sit next to Jamie Marichalar, who had recently suffered a stroke and was certainly not in a position to give her a talk or to make her heard. at ease.

However, it seems that Letizia reacted to all these embarrassing unexpected events in the best way: she smiled and did not let herself down. Yet, she never forgot what happened: from that moment on, in fact, she and Queen Sofia have never been able to form a real relationship.

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