Letizia of Spain at Windsor Castle: the formal look is disappointing

Letizia of Spain under the presence of Queen Elizabeth for the investiture of her husband Felipe as a knight of the Garter: the ceremony dress ages her

Letizia from Spain and Kate Middleton, a disappointing look at the Order of the Garter

Letizia of Spain accompanied her husband Felipe to England.

The Sovereign has in fact received from the Queen of England the investiture of Cavaliere della Giarrettiera, the oldest British knightly order. Queen Elizabeth is its head and only 24 members are admitted, designated by herself.

Therefore, the occasion is more formal. That is why Letizia has chosen a conventional look, decidedly foreign to her style: a gray silk dress, by Cherubina, with stylized black decorations, puffed sleeves, row of buttons on the wrists and skirt below the knee, black hat with veil, gathered hair and sparkling stud earrings. An outfit that ages the Spanish Queen, usually always at the forefront of trends and elegance. Only shoes are saved, from the splendid black pumps by Prada.

In a few days, however, it is already the second time that Letizia does not enchant: the blue skirt of power had disappointed.

Together with Felipe, the King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, was also invested. Beside him, his wife, Regina Maxima, comes out the winner of the look comparison with Letizia. The Dutch Sovereign presented herself in the presence of Elisabetta with a pink dress with cape, a sort of revisitation of the tuxedo model, which without contravening the protocol, is decidedly original and modern. Maxima then had the foresight not to wear any headgear, focusing on a soft messy bun in the Meghan Markle style that wants to become the queen of socials also thanks to his son Archie.

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