Letizia of Spain challenges the protocol with the jewel coat

Letizia of Spain challenges the protocol with the jewel coat

Letizia di Spagna chooses a total black look in contravention of the protocol: but the jewel coat and the very high boots are a success

Letizia di Spagna enchants with the top with extra large sleeves

Letizia of Spain concluded her weekly commitments by participating with her husband Felipe in the commemoration of the victims of the terrorist attack in Madrid of 11 March 2004 in which 193 people lost their lives.

After the concert "In Memoriam" where she showed off the new top with extra large sleeves, Letizia of Spain showed up at the event with another total black look, as a sign of mourning, however, contravening the dress code required for the occasion.

For the state event in the presence of the highest government officials and representatives of associations of the victims of terrorism, Donna Letizia wore her fantastic jeweled coat, double-breasted, black, with pearl buttons, flared and long up to the knees, signed Carolina Herrera, which she already used last December and with which she debuted in 2019. To slim the figure and cover the legs, the Queen opted for her classic cuissard boots, with Steve Madden stiletto heels, which we also saw last January. The hair gathered in an elegant ponytail highlights the star earrings, studded with diamonds, created by Chanel.

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A sober but decidedly glamorous look that some however found too austere. Her Majesty's choice to wear black again did not appear in line with the indications of the protocol required for the event. In fact, the government had clearly indicated that the event is set up as a tribute to the victims and their families and not as a moment of mourning. Therefore, Letizia's choice to dress in black again was seen as a challenge to the government's instructions, so much so that her husband Felipe showed up in a blue suit.

In defense of Letizia, however, it can certainly be noted that, although her look is completely black, it has nothing to do with that modest sobriety that is required in a mourning dress. The very high boots that wrap around the legs and the extremely feminine coat give the Queen's outfit grit and refinement, in a perfect glamorous style that always distinguishes her.

Letizia and Felipe walked the avenue of the royal gardens arm in arm and seemed very involved in the event in discussing with each other and with the authorities present.

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Letizia and Felipe of Spain

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