Letizia of Spain close to King Felipe VI who could change the monarchy

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The Spanish monarchy is going through an epochal moment, and Letizia is getting closer and closer to King Felipe VI

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King Felipe VI, during his Christmas speech, opened the doors to a profound change in the Spanish monarchy, which could take place from the very beginning of 2021. It is a radical transformation that will involve the entire Royal Family: on the other hand, Letizia of Spain has already shown that she is next to her husband in such an important moment.

A few words, pronounced during the Christmas holidays, were enough to mark a historic turning point within the Crown. By declaring that the Royal Family itself is not above constitutional duties – a clear "rebuke" to the behavior of his father Juan Carlos – the current monarch has laid the groundwork for what could be a real revolution. In fact, the Spanish monarchy has experienced difficult times over the past year. The King Emeritus found himself involved in a financial scandal, so much so that he decided to leave the country to go into voluntary exile.

King Felipe VI had already distanced himself from his father for what had happened in recent months, and even on that occasion Letizia Ortiz had been at his side, giving him all her support. In reality, the future transformation of the Crown has its roots in an even more distant past: Felipe, at the time of his coronation, had proclaimed the birth of a different monarchy. And today, a few years later, the time has come to proceed with the change.

However, the King cannot do much more: his attributions are of little relevance to the politics of the country, since they are limited to the management of what happens inside the Zarzuela Palace and little else. Government intervention is required, with the enactment of a Crown Law that better defines the powers and controls for what concerns the Head of State. An agreement, it seems, is possible, and indeed work is already underway to strengthen the monarchy even more without having to touch the Constitution – which would require a long and laborious procedure.

What could this change mean? The goal is to achieve maximum transparency, both in terms of taxation and as regards the personal movements of the Royal Family. At the moment, the agenda of the commitments of King Felipe VI and the Queen consort is kept within the Zarzuela. It is possible that in the future their movements will have greater public prominence, to avoid the emergence of new gray areas such as the one within which the King Emeritus Juan Carlos has moved, putting the monarchy at risk.

Of course, Letizia's role in all of this is clear: never before has her husband needed her and her support as now, at a time that could mark the beginning of a new era for Spain. The Queen consort, on the other hand, in recent months has shown all her support and has been able to face the challenges of an already very complex season due to the health emergency. Surely, he will remain alongside King Felipe VI in this new adventure as well.

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