Letizia of Spain dares with the leather skirt that Meghan Markle has copied for her

Letizia of Spain, a former friend reveals her ambitions before marrying Felipe

Letizia of Spain is not wrong to recycle the Hugo Boss leather skirt that Meghan Markle also copied

Letizia of Spain, the leather skirt disputed by Meghan Markle

Last engagement of the week for Letizia of Spain who attends a double audience at the Zarzuela Palace. Her Majesty therefore plays at home and makes no mistake when she finds in her wardrobe the leather skirt that Meghan Markle also copied.

It is no coincidence that Donna Letizia has been called the most elegant Royal of 2020. Source of inspiration for all the crowned heads, even when she copies the look – like the houndstooth pencil skirt clearly inspired by Lady Diana – she does so by leaving the his very personal touch. Felipe's wife is giving a style lesson to all of us, showing how it is not necessary to go shopping for a perfect outfit.

For months now Letizia has been recycling her outfits and every time it is a charm. The proof, if anything were needed, is the choice he made to welcome at the Palace the representation of the Asociación Española de Editoriales de Publicaciones Periódicas (AEEPP) and the board of directors of the Asociación Internacional del Teléfono de la Esperanza on its 50th anniversary (the photos of the meetings were shared on the Twitter profile of the Royal House).

The Queen, as is her style, opts for a professional and essential look: a white shirt with puff sleeves that matches the longuette in brown leather, signed by Hugo Boss. Another highlight of her wardrobe, copied by all, just like the light blue skirt of the same brand that also Mary of Denmark and Sofia of Sweden have.

But the Hugo Boss leather skirt has a secret meaning. In fact, if Letizia has never encountered any objection to wearing leather garments, her black dress is famous that left everyone breathless, the situation is different for the Ladies of the British Royal Family. What's the matter with the Windsors now? Well Meghan Markle, when she was still an active member of the Court, wore that leather skirt twice.

Harry's wife was the first, at least in recent times, to dare with a leather garment, a real blow to British protocol. The first time he showed up in Sussex with the green version of the longuette one: it was simply perfect and everyone rushed to buy that evergreen and almost wallet-friendly longuette.

Not happy, Meghan attended a round table in Windsor Castle with the Queen's Commonwealth Trust (QCT) and One Young World, wearing the same model but in a brown version, exactly like the one owned by Letizia. Fate or strategy, Markle chose it only the day after seeing it worn by the Queen of Spain during her trip to Japan.

In any case, there is no doubt that Meghan was inspired by Letizia and not the other way around, also because Hugo Boss is one of the favorite brands of Felipe's wife. Speaking of which, she completed her look with a pair of red pumps, earrings in the shape of a bamboo cane that she shares with her eldest daughter Leonor and the inseparable ring by Karen Hallam, a gift from her daughters.

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