Letizia of Spain disappears for 15 days: the Palace publishes the agenda

Letizia of Spain teaches us how to wear long hair after 40

Letizia of Spain has not shown herself in public since January 6 and creates concern. But its official agenda silences all fears

Letizia di Spagna, the (recycled) look for the first official appointment of 2021

Letizia of Spain has not shown herself in public for almost two weeks and agitation is growing among the subjects who are not used to such a prolonged absence of their Queen. In response, Palazzo Zarzuela publishes the weekly agenda of the Sovereigns as usual on the official website, silencing all kinds of concerns.

Letizia's last appearance dates back to 6 January for the military Easter celebrations, the first and last event she took part in since the beginning of the year. In fact, the commitment scheduled for the second week of January was skipped due to the adverse weather conditions, which is why the Queen did not show up again, raising some concerns about her prolonged absence.

Letizia, however, does not wait too long, because she is back in public on Thursday 21 January, as reported in the official agenda, to meet the members of the Fundación Telefónica committee, with the aim of deepening the strategic lines of the action plan in Spain for 2021. Indeed, the Foundation has been fighting for social inclusion in the digital age for over 20 years. The meeting with Letizia is aimed precisely at defining the plan to improve people's lives by exploiting technological progress in such a delicate moment in which digital is becoming increasingly important.

Therefore, it is a fundamental appointment that Letizia is about to face, who for the occasion will not fail to show off one of her perfect working girl looks, as she usually does at meetings of this type. Trouser suits are among her favorites and she will certainly not disappoint us by recovering from her wardrobe some Hugo Boss suits, one of her favorite brands.

In any case, the Queen is the protagonist of only one event this week, while her husband Felipe, back in full swing in the management of the Monarchy, is busy every day. A light agenda that of Donna Letizia that aroused some surprise, considering that in 2020 she worked more than any other crowned head in Europe, even Kate Middleton who at one point, together with William, literally held the English Crown .

But Letizia also has another record on her side, that of having faced, unique among the Sovereigns, an international journey in full pandemic. In fact, before Christmas, Felipe's wife went to Honduras for charitable purposes.

In any case, even if Donna Letizia does not show herself in the front line, she continues to work behind the scenes to maintain the balance between the members of the Royal Family. And then there is always the mother's job, according to rumors she imposed on her daughters, Leonor and Sofia, a strict education that prohibits television and the internet during the week and imposes a diet without sweets.

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