Letizia of Spain does better than Kate Middleton but loses the Head of Protocol

Letizia of Spain does better than Kate Middleton but loses the Head of Protocol

Letizia of Spain is the Queen who worked the most during the pandemic. But the Head of Protocol resigns for a better job

Letizia of Spain, the fairytale looks she has never worn again

Letizia of Spain is the Sovereign who participated in the most public commitments during this pandemic. Not even Kate Middleton, who with William found herself ruling the British Monarchy, has done so much. A record, that of the Spanish Queen, which earned her the admiration of the whole world. She was the only one who in recent months has made an intercontinental trip to Honduras for charitable purposes.

In fact, Letizia never took a real break, even in August during her holidays in Palma de Mallorca there was no lack of institutional outings. And she was able to manage difficult moments, such as the decision of her father-in-law Juan Carlos to leave the country, the forced isolation of her husband, because he came into contact with a positive person (she herself was the first to end up in quarantine) and the reconciliation with Queen Sofia for the sake of the Monarchy.

Felipe's wife has maintained a modest profile, enchanting with her looks that are always in the name of elegance, measure and above all recycling. She has in fact been able to reuse the iconic garments of her rich wardrobe with style. He taught us how to wear coats and how to wear white hair when it is not possible to completely cover it with dye, without looking neglected.

With an average of two engagements a week – and it is only an average – Letizia is therefore the most hardworking Queen in Europe. And at the beginning of 2021 the trend has not changed, only the storm Filomena has shifted its agenda. Thus, after participating in the military Easter, the next event he will attend is scheduled for January 14 at the meeting of the Patronage of the Fundación de Ayuda Contra la Drogadicción.

Although her mother-in-law Sofia is still the most loved by the Spaniards, followed by Felipe, Letizia has made giant steps in the approval rating.

Despite the Queen's personal success, she and her husband found themselves facing another problem: the resignation of their Head of Protocol, Alfredo Martínez Serrano, who, according to ABC reports, is preparing to climb the Casa Real. asking to be reinstated in the diplomatic corps and to assume responsibility for some embassies including the Greek one. Moreover, Serrano is already the second time he has left the Palace, in 2012 he did so for the Egyptian embassy.

Felipe and Letizia thus lose one of the most trusted people in the Court, in the service of His Majesty when he was not yet on the throne. But evidently Serrano has a real passion for the diplomatic career. We will see how Donna Letizia will manage without her Head of Protocol.

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