Letizia of Spain enchants but surprisingly her daughters steal the show

Letizia di Spagna con Leonor e Sofia

Letizia di Spagna leaves you breathless between red and transparencies. But I overshadow the daughters with the 30 euro dress

Letizia di Spagna compared with the look of her daughters Leonor and Sofia

Letizia of Spain concludes the week's commitments with a look that is a fairy tale, but surprisingly her daughters, Leonor and Sofia, appear to steal the show. The two girls, respectively 15 and 13 years old, accompanied their parents completely unexpectedly to the event held at the Royal Palace and did not go unnoticed, also because they inherited the class and elegance of their mother Letizia.

So, Leonor and Sofia took part in the event that was held at the El Pardo Palace where they chaired the meeting of the Board of the Princess of Girona Foundation, of which Felipe has been honorary president since its foundation in 2009. To tell the truth , since he became King, the title has passed to his eldest daughter and future Queen of Spain, Leonor. This would justify the presence of the two girls at the business appointment, although their involvement was not expected. The photos of the event were published on the Twitter profile of the Royal House.

Their participation is particularly significant, because for the first time since 23 November, that is, since Don Felipe was forced into isolation for having come into contact with a positive person, the Royal Family has shown itself in public in full.

For the occasion, Letizia of Spain showed off an outfit that leaves you breathless, playing on adherence, transparencies and fiery red, the color that best suits her. The Queen has in fact chosen a red jersey shirt, signed Hugo Boss, with a subtle texture that lets you glimpse the white lingerie. He paired it with a splendid black bell skirt, decorated with large red flowers, by Carolina Herrera. The accessories are all black: high clutches and décolletées, both by Carolina Herrera, and high waist belt.

So, Letizia wears the clothes of her favorite designers and in terms of class she is promoted with full marks. But the attention is drawn to the Princesses, perhaps also thanks to the surprise effect.

Leonor and Sofia wear two black patterned mini dresses, with puff sleeves, with a similar style: pink geometric designs for the Princess of Asturias, white polka dots for the Infanta of Spain. The latter is from Zara and costs 29.95 euros. The girls, unlike their mother Letizia, wear flesh-colored tights. And while Leonor already dares with heels, Sofia is wearing flat shoes with tassels by Pretty Ballerinas.

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