Letizia of Spain, far from Leonor on her first day of school: the reason

Letizia of Spain, far from Leonor on her first day of school: the reason

The heir to the throne Leonor faced the first day in the new school, but only Felipe and her younger sister Sofia accompanied her

Letizia of Spain, all the tests that Sofia and Leonor faced this summer

Over the years, Letizia and Felipe of Spain have often shown themselves together with their daughters, not only in institutional events, but also on informal occasions. Walks, hours of shopping or simply an afternoon at the cinema, are moments that have always characterized the life of the King's family. For this reason, perhaps, not seeing the four Royals together on a very important day for the heir to the throne has amazed all.

In fact, only Felipe and her younger sister Sofia were accompanying Leonor on her return to school. Letizia, for the first time, remained at the Palazzo. She, always attentive to the education of her daughters and already worried about the school year, had to give up this event. What makes this day even more special is the fact that for the eldest daughter of the Royals it is a totally new experience: this year, in fact, she is in a different school, the Santa María de los Rosales.

What stopped Letizia were not the commitments arising from her role as Queen, but a simple rule imposed by the institute that Leonor attends. To protect everyone's health and avoid crowds in these days when Spain is in full health emergency, families were asked that only one parent should accompany the pupils.

Despite their privileged position, resulting from their status as Royals, Letizia and Felipe have decided to comply with the request. It was thus the King who accompanied his heir. But he wasn't alone. With them, in fact, there was also little Sofia, who has not yet returned to school and who is very attached to Leonor.

The two, in fact, have forged a special bond and are always ready to team up, to support each other and ally, both when it comes to finding a way to ease the rigid discipline imposed by Letizia, and when they have to give each other a hand on more occasions. or less formal. The affection that binds them, on the other hand, became evident this summer, when Leonor helped Sofia, who was injured due to a fall. For this reason, probably, the youngest of the Palazzo did not want to give up accompanying her older sister, even at the cost of sacrificing a few more hours of rest.

For Letizia, the regret at having stayed away from Leonor on this occasion must have been great. Ortiz, however, can be said to be proud of the education transmitted with love and commitment to her daughters: the two Princesses are extremely loved by the people and, above all, have shown that they have learned respect for the rules and value of the family.

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