Letizia of Spain, fuchsia dress like Kate Middleton. But the measurements are wrong

Letizia of Spain, fuchsia dress like Kate Middleton. But the measurements are wrong

Like Kate Middleton, Letizia of Spain chooses the fuchsia shirt dress by Hugo Boss, a true trend of the season. But the oversized model is not entirely convincing

Letizia of Spain, the fabulous pink looks

Letizia of Spain shared her agenda with her husband Felipe for an artistic event, the second in the space of two days. And for the occasion, the Queen presented herself with a new deep pink, almost fuchsia, oversize dress by Hugo Boss, which is dangerously reminiscent of the one worn by Kate Middleton during the tour in Scotland at the end of May.

So, after the inauguration of the exhibition at the National Library of Madrid where she showed off the sleeveless white dress of 2019, Letizia of Spain abandons austerity and chooses to wear a new dress, even if to tell the truth it belongs to the spring collection / summer 2020 by Hugo Boss, Her Majesty's favorite brand. Well, it may be a purchase from last year that Felipe's wife has never brought to a public event.

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The fact is that Letizia went to the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts to visit the Berlanguiano exhibition. Luis García Berlanga (1921-2021) with an extremely topical total pink look, so much so that a few weeks ago Kate Middleton wore an almost identical dress.

Letizia's passion for pink is well known, which in the case of the new Hugo Boss dress has shades of fuchsia. It is an oversized silk shirt dress with long sleeves rolled up to give a more modern touch to the outfit, buttons around the V-neck, fabric belt and voluminous flounced skirt. The very wide cut of the dress, however, does not do justice to the figure of Letizia who appears to be almost "bundled up" in so much colored fabric.

The Queen wears the waisted and slim lines much better, with a slimming effect, rather than the extra large volumes. Aware of this, the Queen uses the belt at the waist to reduce the width of the shapes. But the stylish make-up, to which Carolina Herrera's slingbacks in fuchsia snakeskin are added to slim the silhouette, is not entirely successful. Donna Letizia embellished her outfit with a pair of diamond button earrings and her Karen Hallam gold ring.

In any case, the pink or fuchsia shirt dress is the dress of the moment. As shown by the fact that Kate Middleton also chose a similar model, signed ME + EM, for about 524 euros, to meet little Mila Sneddon, a five-year-old girl suffering from cancer and protagonist of the photographic exhibition, created by the Duchess of Cambridge .

Letizia of Spain "width =" 1217 "height =" 694 "srcset =" https://tipsforwomens.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623248417_195_Letizia-of-Spain-fuchsia-dress-like-Kate-Middleton.-But-the.jpg?resize = 1217,694 1217w, https://tipsforwomens.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623248417_195_Letizia-of-Spain-fuchsia-dress-like-Kate-Middleton.-But-the.jpg?resize=300,171 300w, https://Tipsforwomens.it /wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/06/letizia-spagna-mostra-1.jpg?resize=768,438 768w, https://Tipsforwomens.it/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/ 06 / letizia-spain-exhibition-1.jpg? Resize = 1024,584 1024w, https://tipsforwomens.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623248417_195_Letizia-of-Spain-fuchsia-dress-like-Kate-Middleton.-But-the.jpg ? resize = 344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1217px) 100vw, 1217px

Letizia of Spain

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