Letizia of Spain, her husband freezes her salary

Letizia di Spagna, chi è Marie-Chantal: la cugina antagonista della Regina

No salary increase for Letizia of Spain who in 2021 will earn 139,610 euros gross as last year

Letizia of Spain with the dress-blazer conquers the Diplomatic Corps

Setback in the earnings of Letizia of Spain who saw her salary freeze at last year's figures. For her, no increase of 0.9% as is expected for public employees, in line with what has been implemented since 2018.

Therefore, her husband Felipe denied her the salary increase and in 2021 she will receive 139,610 euros gross, as in 2020, for the work done at the Palace. But it is not the only one to be subjected to restrictive measures. The King asked for the same sacrifice from his mother, Queen Sofia, who will earn 114,240 euros gross. For consistency, even the Sovereign has not increased his salary which stands at 253,850 euros. In total, the three most important members of the Royal House will earn just over half a million, to be precise 507,700 euros.

In addition to not endorsing the salary increases, Felipe cut all livelihoods of his father Juan Carlos, now in voluntary exile in Abu Dhabi. Having completely retired from public life, he is no longer entitled to receive his 161,034 euros a year. This money was earmarked for the development of digital technology and education.

As for the Princesses Leonor and Sofia, they continue to have no pay, despite the fact that the Princess of Asturias in particular has begun her public activity on behalf of the Crown since she turned 14.

Felipe then endorsed a downward economic plan for the Royal Family, trying to cut the costs of the Court which will weigh on the state coffers for a total of 7.8 million euros.

Letizia supports her husband's austerity policy. In addition to being the Queen who has worked the most in 2020, she has already been saving for months by eliminating all unnecessary expenses, starting with her looks.

In fact, since last September the Queen has adopted a sober profile avoiding any kind of excess. Almost all of the outfits she wore in the countless Court engagements were recycled. Even in the most formal events he has found a way to dust off already worn garments from his wardrobe, relaunching them as new trends. Just think of the electric blue dress chosen for the reception of the Diplomatic Corps, which she wore for the first time in January 2020. At the time the color was the flagship of the pantone, but Letizia was able to reuse it, transforming it into a model of timeless elegance.

Not to mention her countless trouser suits, highly imitated by all the crowned heads of Europe, starting with Kate Middleton. Yet those of Letizia were all dated complete. The only exception that the Spanish Queen made concerns the dress, which is minimal, in addition, with which she presented herself at the Cerecedo Award. Only in that case was a new purchase granted.

On the other hand, Letizia is used to saving on wardrobe. She was the first in the European Courts not to have problems presenting herself with the exact same look, or at least the one who has done so consistently. In fact, there are very few clothes she has worn only once.

Not to mention that Donna Letizia is not even a big fan of important jewels or very expensive accessories, such as bags and jewel shoes. Certainly, her line of behavior is very different from the one Meghan Markle adopted when she arrived at the English court where she was targeted for her shopping sprees, even for the wardrobe. But she also distances herself from Charlene of Monaco who for the Feast of Saint Devote dressed her 6-year-old daughter with a Dior look, including the 3 thousand euro bag.

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