Letizia of Spain, iconic coat and leather boots: it does not go unnoticed

Letizia of Spain leaves for Sweden: red coat, leather boots and culottes. Simply gorgeous

Letizia of Spain is ready for her state trip to Sweden alongside her husband Felipe. And he arrives at Madrid airport with a look that does not go unnoticed: his iconic red coat by Hugo Boss, culottes and black leather boots.

Letizia of Spain, the travel look is to be copied

After having enchanted Sergio Mattarella at the Palazzo for the gala dinner and amazed with the low-cost bluette dress and her sensual cuissards, Letizia di Spagna begins her work week with the perfect travel outfit that we can all copy (see all the looks of Letizia of the week).

Red coat

Red coat You can buy a low cost version of Letizia di Spagna’s coat online 29,95 EUR Buy on Amazon

It has been 11 years since Reina Letizia went to Stockholm to attend the wedding of Princes Victoria and Daniel. Now he is back on a state trip and promises to make sparks fly, because among the commitments of his three-day tour, there is also a banquet with the Swedish Royal Family.

Meanwhile, the first look chosen is already very classy. To take the plane Letizia opted for a practical and comfortable but no less elegant outfit.

Letizia di Spagna, the iconic coat by Hugo Boss

The highlight of his look is the red coat, 3/4 length, with wallet closure, belt at the waist and wide lapels, signed Hugo Boss. This is the Catifa model with which His Majesty debuted on November 13, 2015, reusing it on two other occasions, the last of which was last March.

Letizia of Spain, the new boots

Donna Letizia combines it with a black wool turtleneck and wide-leg trousers, culotte model, always black, like the gloves she holds in her hand. While entering the Queen’s wardrobe a new pair of leather boots, with platform and wide heel, ideal for giving impetus to the figure and just as comfortable for getting on and off the stairs of the plane without difficulty.

Letizia and Felipe of Spain, arm in arm on the ladder

Although for those she can count on the help of her husband Felipe. In fact, the couple, after the official greeting in the presence of high officials of the state and the military corps, set off towards the plane arm in arm, as shown in the official video shared on the Twitter profile of the Royal House. A gesture of intimacy that reveals the idyllic harmony that the King and his wife Letizia are experiencing right now.

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