Letizia of Spain in Argentina: she dares with her neckline and shakes Meghan Markle

Letizia of Spain sets Buenos Aires on fire with the dress by Carolina Herrera that not even Meghan Markle would have dared wear with that deep décolleté

Letizia of Spain is traveling to Argentina with her husband Felipe. And once again it confirms its style as a queen (WATCH THE PHOTOS).

Few looks were enough to conquer Buenos Aires. We start with the tiffany sheath dress, a color dusted off by our Maria Elena Boschi, signed by Hugo Boss, Donna Letizia's favorite designer. She combines it with a clutch and white pumps, a real touch of class.

Continue with the white dress with a soft skirt by Pedro del Hierro. To get to the highlight, the cocktail dress by Carolina Herrera, paired with sandals by Jimmy Choo. Letizia is simply charming. The blue dress with floral decorations in gold is extremely chic and ultra feminine. The Spanish Queen has no problem showing her bare arms, and above all she dares with a deep heart neckline that not even Meghan Markle would ever have shown off.

It is not the first time that the former journalist amazes with extreme outfits for a crowned head. Only a few weeks ago, she presented herself in a rock leather dress. He even wore cuissard boots with a deep slit skirt. Letizia however knows how to wear these garments always with great elegance and extreme refinement.

Unlike Meghan, who fails to abandon that Hollywood star attitude that provokes so much criticism of him.

Letizia sets South America on fire, despite herself, overshadows her Argentine friend and first lady Juliana Awada and makes Lady Markle go pale, who should go to style lessons with the Spanish sovereign. Of course, we must recognize that the English dress code is much more rigid than that of Madrid. And then Harry's wife must always be accountable to Elizabeth, while Letizia knows her business and on more than one occasion has silenced her mother-in-law, Donna Sofia.

Meanwhile, the tour in Argentina continues and Letizia still amazes with a fiery red outfit.

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