Letizia of Spain, perfect with the black dress. And Leonor and Sofia copy his style

Letizia of Spain, perfect with the black dress. And Leonor and Sofia copy his style

Leonor and Sofia have grown up, and follow in the footsteps of mother Letizia, who once again manages to enchant everyone

Letizia of Spain, the anniversary with Felipe: the best moments and the crises

Letizia of Spain shines again, enchanting everyone with an elegant black sheath dress. And at his side, also stand out his daughters Leonor and Sofia, who apparently follow in excellent footsteps of the mother.

In recent months we have had few occasions to admire the consort Queen, who always surprises us in terms of style. In fact, recently we have seen her more than anything else with sober work outfits, with the exception of some occasional important appointments – such as when she did not hesitate to throw herself on the front line collaborating closely with the Red Cross. This time, the entire Royal Family took part in a commemoration aimed at paying homage to the victims of the pandemic that hit the whole world.

Letizia and her husband, King Felipe VI, accompanied by their daughters Leonor and Sofia, observed a minute's silence in the garden of the royal residence, the Zarzuela Palace. A gesture, that of the Royal Family, which has great value in such a difficult historical moment as the one we are experiencing. Letizia and Felipe have adopted an extremely rigorous and sober look for this brief moment of recollection in public, a choice that has inevitably also reflected on their daughters. And it is precisely from the clothes worn on this occasion that we can notice many interesting details.

The two girls are growing up, it is clear: Princess Leonor, 14 years old last October, has made her public debut for a few months now. Her sister, the Infanta Sofia, has just turned 13 and made her debut in recent weeks, alongside Leonor. Indeed, the daughters of Letizia and Felipe participated in the reading of Cervantes on the Day of the Book, a long-awaited appointment.

We had already noticed how, in terms of style, both girls seem to have inherited the elegance of their mother. And on this occasion they demonstrate it more than ever: Letizia has in fact chosen a very simple black sheath dress, tightened at the waist by a black strap, and the daughters have adopted very similar clothing. Princess Leonor wore a very simple Zara half-sleeved black dress belonging, however, no longer to the Kids collection. Apparently, the time has come for her to move to a more formal wardrobe, adopting clothes from the women's department.

And the Infanta Sofia? She also wore a black dress with simple and elegant lines, enriched by a strap of the same color and low sabots, all very similar to Letizia's outfit. In fact, the accessories come from Mum's closet: the belt and shoes have already been worn previously by Ortiz on several occasions. It is clear that Sofia borrowed some clothes from her mother for such an important date.

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The royalty of Spain. Source: Getty

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