Letizia of Spain, public TV attacks the Crown

Public TV attacks Letizia and Felipe of Spain after the decision to send their daughter Leonor to Wales. The broadcaster forced to apologize

Letizia di Spagna compared with the look of her daughters Leonor and Sofia

Leonor, daughter of Letizia of Spain and Felipe, targeted by Spanish public television, Tve, after the Palazzo announced that the Princess of Asturias will go to study in Wales for two years in an exclusive institution.

In the morning broadcast La hora de La 1, commenting on the news of the forthcoming studies abroad of the eldest daughter of Letizia of Spain, the girth appeared: "Leonor leaves Spain as her grandfather", in reference to the King emeritus Juan Carlos in voluntary exile since last August in Abu Dhabi, following several corruption investigations in which he was involved. Hence the decision to leave the country so as not to damage the image of the monarchy. Among other things, there is bad blood between Letizia and her father-in-law, she prevented her daughters from seeing him for her birthday.

The risky comparison between Leonor and Juan Carlos has raised a real storm, because it is considered the latest of many attacks by the broadcaster against the Crown. The issue has also overwhelmed the Spanish political forces. As reported by Ansa, the right-wing political groups immediately protested, claiming that the RTVE group, a public broadcaster to which Tve television and Rne radio belong, is in the pay of the government led by the socialist Pedro Sanchez: " it now has limits, it comes to attack the Crown ”, denounced the Partido Popular on Twitter.

The fuss that has been raised has led Rtve CEO Rosa María Mateo to call it "a serious mistake" to have shown such images. In an official statement, Mateo stated that the broadcaster will take "immediate measures" to ensure that those responsible for the "error" are relieved of their duties. And he went on to argue that it was: "A serious irresponsibility", but this error "cannot cloud RTVE's unwavering commitment to the defense of constitutional values ​​and state institutions and, above all, of the Crown".

The decision of Letizia and Felipe of Spain regarding the education of their daughter Leonor was therefore politically exploited. But in reality, the choice of the Sovereigns to send the Princess to study abroad, to be precise in an exclusive college in Wales for 76,500 euros a year, fits into the tradition of the monarchy.

His father Felipe was also sent to Canada at 15 to complete his education. To reveal the details of the training process that transformed Don Felipe into King Felipe VI is José Antonio Alcina, the lieutenant colonel who in 1983 was commissioned by Juan Carlos to take care of the education of his son and appointed him his tutor, a position he held until until the future Sovereign turned 16.

At this moment, Leonor is not followed by any tutor, but as is known she is subjected together with her sister Sofia to an iron discipline imposed by her mother, Letizia. It is likely that by intensifying the Court's commitments and having to manage them together with the study, the Sovereigns decide to support her with someone who can help her in this transition period, preparing her one day to ascend the throne.

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