Letizia of Spain, red trousers-culottes and top with maxi sleeves: divine

Letizia of Spain, red trousers-culottes and top with maxi sleeves: divine

Letizia of Spain wears red and makes no mistake: she is simply fantastic with the pants with gold buttons and the new white top with puffed sleeves

Letizia of Spain, the spring look: leather pants and vichy trench coat

Letizia of Spain concludes her weekly commitments by participating in the VI Congress on education for rare diseases where she shows off a divine suit, converting back to pants and red.

Letizia of Spain therefore went to Totana in Murcia without Felipe, but accompanied by the Minister of Education, to attend the last appointment on the agenda for the week. The Queen opted for a very spring outfit with a decidedly different style than the one she wore last Tuesday when she presented Mirto's vichy trench coat for the first time, combining it with black leather leggings.

Once again Letizia chooses two-tone, but now red, her favorite shade, dominates. Without losing sight of the trends of the moment, the Queen, as is her custom, recycles the clothes she has in her wardrobe, but in such a skilful way as to make them look new. In the specific case, it is a pair of red culottes with 4 gold buttons on the belt, signed Uterque with which it made its debut 5 years ago on the occasion of the Day of the Red Cross. But for the appointment on April 30, she combines them with a new white top, with a square neckline and maxi puff sleeves, also exaggerated, also by Uterque, which costs 65 euros.

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Donna Letizia likes large volumes. Last March she enchanted with another signature extra-large sleeved top, Pertegaz. But already in July, during the regional tour, he wore a Massimo Dutti shirt very similar to the new purchase.

Finally, the Queen completes the outfit with a pair of "comfortable" shoes in red patent leather with a wide and low heel, also by Uterque, also recycled. Although the shoes are perfectly coordinated with the whole, they are not exactly a happy choice. In fact, the model that is a cross between ballet flats and high décolletées does not fully enhance the figure of Donna Letizia who could have done better in terms of accessories.

Like when he amazed with the most anonymous of looks, wearing the gray mystery dress, to give space to his daughters Leonor and Sofia. Speaking of the latter, he turned 14 on 29 April.

Finally, as far as jewelry is concerned, Letizia chooses to wear her bamboo-shaped hoop earrings and the Karen Hallam ring from which she never separates.

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Letizia of Spain

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