Letizia of Spain replaces Felipe in quarantine and rules the Monarchy

Letizia of Spain replaces Felipe in quarantine and rules the Monarchy

Felipe is in solitary confinement for 10 days and Letizia of Spain flies to Seville to represent the Monarchy alone

Letizia di Spagna gives the best of the Cerecedo Award: the best looks and the controversial ones

Letizia of Spain does not fail in her duties as Regina, not even when her husband Felipe ended up in quarantine due to contact with a positive person at Covid. On the contrary, it shows itself more and more up to its role, precisely at the moment when the monarchy most needs its support.

King Felipe is temporarily out of action. In fact, having come into contact with a positive at Covid, he must spend 10 days in isolation. For this he canceled all the commitments he had in action, some of which however require the presence of a Royal. And who better than Letizia is able to take the place of the Sovereign?

Thus, as announced by the Royal House, the Queen will preside alone at the inauguration of the Tourist Innovation Summit in Seville, Wednesday 25 November. The appointment is very important for the country's economy, so the presence of at least Donna Letizia is essential. Indeed, the Sovereigns are committed to relaunching Spanish tourism in this moment of crisis.

So, the Queen leaves Felipe alone in Madrid. In reality, the daughters Leonor and Sofia also remain in the capital and will carry out their usual activities, despite their father being in quarantine. Among other things, just shortly after the start of school, the two princesses were also forced to a period of isolation due to a positive companion of the Princess of Asturias. The same fate happened to Letizia last spring. In all three cases, the respective family members continued with their usual commitments.

Letizia therefore has the delicate task of representing the Monarchy alone. So there is great anticipation for his arrival in Seville and above all for the look he will show off at the Summit (although we are sure he will not use the fan and not just because it is autumn). In recent months, the Queen has preferred to adopt a simpler style, focusing on recycled garments, but without sacrificing elegance.

For business meetings she prefers trousers and suits, the red one with flared trousers is splendid. While for evening events, she has always chosen refined but very minimal clothes. She then delighted us with some must-haves from her wardrobe, from the light blue longuette by Hugo Boss to the Lady Diana-style suit.

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